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I just had an epiphany of sorts regarding Tigger's jeep. The Chaplain said it is at Jeannie's house. Would it be possible for a fellow Steel Soldier to bring it to the SSGR? (Would Jeannie grant permission for this to happen?) It would serve as a fitting tribute to all of Tigger's hard work in getting it running, as well as his dedication to providing aid to the injured at Durhamtown. Even though I never met Matthew, I have a pretty good understanding of his personality. He'd want all of us to have a great time at the Rally. I feel like a piece of him would be at the Rally if his Jeep were there. What do y'all think about that idea?
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If we could just get Sgt. Bones. I would make sure that the Sgt made each and every GA Rally, til my dying day.............


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I have an idea about Tigger's truck. How about asking for volunteers to go in together and buy it. We could then take it to the SSGR and try to sell it. It's much easier to sell an MV if there are a lot of MV enthusiasts around and Tigger's truck would mean something to a lot of guys at the rally. If not sold at the rally, someone could take it home and try to sell it. It seems to me it would help Tigger's family to not have to worry about his truck.


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They want it sold to a ss member if I understand it right. We can all get together as a brother hood buy the truck and ask for a volunteer to house truck. Looks like we already have said volunteer.


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They want it sold to a ss member if I understand it right. We can all get together as a brother hood buy the truck and ask for a volunteer to house truck. Looks like we already have said volunteer.
Here is an idea, if somebody has the time to take it and run with it.

I would be willing to donate to a fund to help buy it, then we raffle it and send the proceeds to his family, so they get the money from the sale and then from the raffle.

Have the drawing at the GA Rally.

I would be willing to donate toward the purchase and then buy raffle tickets as well.

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I don't want to rain on such a worthy parade, but be careful with that.

I looked into such a scheme once also for an SS truck to save it to become scrap iron. According Georgia law, only a charity is allowed to run a raffle, and its almost impossible to do it legally online. The proceeds have to go to a recognized charitable goal or institution.

In a practical sense, it means that Tigger's family formally has to donate the truck to the charitable organization as price for the raffle (if a 501 c 3 organization, it is even tax deductible). Once the money is in, it has to be transferred through that charitable organization and they have to proof that giving the funds to the family is legit and a charitable action within their mission.

From our side, we have to make sure that the people entering the raffle buy enough tickets to cover the price of the truck, which is easier said than done. The best is to make enough tickets covering the amount and then make sure all tickets are sold to SS members (the truck has to stay within the SS family).

Another hitch might be that, at least in the Netherlands, the executors of the estate are not allowed to sell assets before the last will has been trough the formal processes including paying tax etc. In simple words, all Tigger's things are in limbo until the State says its free (think transferring title and registering new owner). In the Netherlands, that can easily take up six months.

We can keep the whole thing sub-rosa as a thing between friends during the rally itself, but that would lower the amount of potential ticket buyers. So think it through very practically.

Having said that, count me in for several tickets.


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I don't want to rain on such a worthy parade, but be careful with that.

Yep. Remember, in a bureaucrat's mind (?), no good deed can ever go unpunished.

It's probably much cleaner just to "auction" it here on SS, then anyone who wants to can send money to the family. Twenty or fifty or a hundred members tossing twenty or a hundred bucks their way would NOT be taxable, and would sure add up.

Individuals can receive a gift from a single person for up to $12,000 without being required to declare it as income.


Been working double shifts for over a year now and just picked up on this thread.. Gonna miss ya Tig. Semper FI!


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I know this thread has been inactive for a quite a while, but I found a couple of Tigger photos while paging through some old photo files. I thought I should add them here


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