Reasonable? Realistic? or not?

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The magazine that did a write up on the Mite (MARCO prototype, not the standardized version), mentioned how after a vigorous trip through the machine shop and around the machinery to demonstrate its agility and then a quick run down a road with a very tight u-turn, a jaunt up a hill at an angle that no modern jeep would try, and a quick trip through a ditch, the mechanics came out and unbolted a wheel and off they went again on the same trip!

I've pulled the lug nuts from mine at shows to show how easy it is to take a wheel off (after lifting a little on the rear bumper to take the weight off of it) and then demonstrated how without the wheel, it doesn't drop the hub to the ground. But without chaining the control arm in the up position, I wouldn't drive it this way.


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michigan city,IN
I tried to buy the Mite on ebay, with the $6000 "Buy it Now". Was told auction was ended.

Contacted seller. He said still for sale, anxious to sell. I said I was really interested, please send a phone number.
Have sent 3 more messages, have gotten no response.
I guess he either changed his mind or sold it.
Kinda rude, not even responding.
Bet that guy took a add out hoping to sell someone elses Mite with the money.

This one is for real.

One M422A1 will be thrown to the wolves with lotsa spare parts. It is complete less maybe three minor items and the original winter top is dryrot trash.- Hasn't been run in ages but ran well till it sat..will be offered up at the MVPA meeting(michigan City chapter) It will not be free for sure, just a solid correct resto queen who needs a new home. meeting date 10/17/2009. This mite is even close enough for YOU to see. In fact you are seeing it and didn't know. The last resto was "movie" grade for the original Blues Brothers movie so it does need a do over.
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Modified or incomplete ones can be found relatively cheap. I bought one for $1200 without the engine on ebay. At one point somebody had planned to install a VW bug motor in it. I was able to locate an NOS motor for it, but it was pricey, so I didn't buy it. I sold the Mite to a local guy after realizing that I was just too tall to be able to drive it. He was going to rebuild it. He did a super job on a Toyota Land Cruiser restoration, so I was hopeful that he would bring the Mite back to life. I have not seen it on the road though, and it has been a couple of years. Better to sit in one before you buy one, to make sure you can drive it without pain. Hal
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