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Anyone familiar with a J & H Smith reeling machine, #RL-172 A/G. Weighs about 150 lbs, has a 28 v dc motor 1/4 horse. Original use was for telephone wire. Would like to use it to wind up high tensil fence wire. Anyone know if is stong enough to reel up fence wire? Also no reels with it, any one know what size reels? Thanks Andy.....


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Last time I used one was AIT back in 94. I was on the back of a deuce with one as a safety. the cable (26 pair) wrapped around the bar. When it pulled tight i slammed on the bed, the cab anything I could do to get the driver to stop. He didn't hear anything.

I tossed the other students out of the truck, once they were out I went over the side. as I went over I yelled into the drivers window. Still nothing from the driver.

Cable finally snapped whipped up over the bed and sliced the cab top and and passenger seat. Needless to say he was out of the cab then. He tried chewing me out for not doing my job, that ended when everyone ran up and told him what all I did.


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Fair Radio has had them for sale for years now. They should take the one mile reels of WD-1, probably two of them. Somewhere I have a picture of one mounted in the back of a jeep. It would have been a lot easier for Scott to get the driver's attention in a jeep rather than a deuce!


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I do announcing for various events, and I use commo wire reels to hold my speaker cables (about 1000+ ft of Type SO cable). I tried using the motor on my reeling machine, and it was too hard to control for what I needed - I removed the motor and just use the crank. That way, I can spool up a section of cable and stop winding so I can connect the next cable to the one I just reeled up. The motor wound up in my "too good to throw away, but not good enough to keep" pile -

When all is said and done, the whole PA system will fit in my S-250.
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