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I have an M1102 trailer that I want to register in Colorado. Anyone here from Colorado done this? I have a VIN inspection set for September but want to make sure I have the rest of my ducks in a row.
A lot of it depends on what is on your Title or Bill of Sale. Most departments of motor vehicles seem to lump these into the "Utility Trailer" and that helps the former military vehicle blend into the woodwork (so to speak). If they happen to ask you, utility is the key. You wouldn't be telling a lie either...


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I live in CO and just purchased a HMMWV...and was told by the DMV it could not be driven on the CO roads. After doing research and finding various post (such as this), I am still confused as to whether an non-CO plated HMMWV can be driven on the roads (using the Montana method). Any thoughts or personal experiences??


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There is a lot of nonsense in this thread about Montana registration insurance and LLC ownership so let me set the record straight.

1. A sole asset LLC that owns a vehicle in Montana is absolutely legitimate and will be respected by courts if you are sued. Unfortunately the driver of the vehicle is also personally liable for any accident, so LLC ownership does not protect against being sued.

2. Your insurance is perfectly valid as long as you disclose properly to your insurance company. Example: American Collectors. They will insurance you personally for a vehicle belonging a Montana LLC and garaged in a different state which garage state becomes listed in the policy as the location of the vehicle. (And all drivers are individually listed as named insured.) I’ve read that policy from front to back and the coverage is absolutely good under these facts. But word of caution, nobody except listed drivers may operate the vehicle.

3. I have seen lots and lots of Montana plates in Colorado, including on HMMWVs. Far more than can be explained by tourists from the Big Sky state coming for skiing and weed.

Disclaimer: This isn’t legal advice, it’s free internet advice, you shouldn’t rely on it as the author may be a maniac, and no attorney client relationship is formed from you reading or responding to this post. If you want something you can bank on, then you will have to hire a local lawyer on your own dime and get a written opinion.
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