ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

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OK, Steel Soldiers...

SPEAK UP if you are one of the (unofficial) west Texas Detachment members !

If you are based in the west Texas area, sign up here.

If you are generally located in the "isolated" regions of west Texas - west of the I-35 Corridor, south of the Panhandle, east of the New Mexico border, and North of the Rio Grande - then you've probably noticed that other members are as few and far between as the towns we live in.

(If you look at the Old Steel Soldiers Site and glance at the Member Map, you'll see the area.... there are almost NO DOTS !) (Y'all in southeastern New Mexico are "qualified", too!)

This thread is where you can speak up and identify yourselves for the rest of us. Let's establish a "composite unit" of us isolated and scattered SS Members.

[edit: added new MAP link...]
SS West Texas Detachment Member Map - Google Maps

I'll start it:

John Bariou (& Dianna)
San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas

---> Add your name and location (include City/County please) <---


I will update the list every once in while as a printable roster for everyone.
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Stephenville, Tx
Well i dont consider it west texas, but i am west of the I-35 corridor so i'll chime in. I live in Stephenville, but i have family in Midland, Monahans, Del Rio, and San Angelo. I lived in San Angelo when i was a kid.

Kade Watson
Stephenville, Tx
(Erath County)
Welcome, Gentlemen (& spouses?).
We have the beginnings here of a "Squad".
I'm sending PMs to a couple of other members within our Detached region to spur them on.

Although you may not think that Stephenville is west Texas, you are in the region I described. Primarily, I'm hoping that this list will suppliment the Old Site's Member Locator Map so that we can reach out to others "nearby" for potential future events and maybe even some roadside assistance offers/requests.
When traveling to DFW, we alternate between the Abilene &I-20 route from San Angelo and the US67 route through Brownwood, Stephenville, etc. Love the courthouse square there in Stephenville.

My wife, Dianna, has an aunt living in Cisco. We seldom stop there on the way through, but... We may now have more reason.

You two are fairly near eachother. Cool.

Let's see who else answers this Roll Call.........


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Sweetwater, TX
Jeremy Smola
Sweetwater Texas
Nolan County

Every day getting a couple more bolts put back on truck and desperately trying to stop this upgrade nonsense, may have to look into medication.
So far, this is all who have spoken up. I know of several other members in the region that have probably not even logged in to see this thread. PMs have been sent or will be soon.

Since this Detachment is UNofficial at best - of course you're welcome to hook up with us.
My intent is to identify a roster of those who may be interested in regional activities. There may be many "fringe" members willing or interested in what's going on around here. Thanks for sounding off to the Roll Call.
OK, Gentlemen & Ladies:
Here's the initial release of the compiled West Texas Detachment Roster.....

bigtoyman, Jeremy Smola, Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas
dskchevy, Doug & Diane, Cisco, Eastland, County, Texas
jeep-Jeep, _____, Liberty Hill, Williamson County, Texas
JEpp, Justin Epperson, Barnhart, Irion/Crockett County, Texas
LibTimothy, Timothy, Salado, Bell County, Texas
phreatdawg, ___, Midland, Midland, County, Texas
USAFSS-COLDWARRIOR, John (& Dianna) Bariou, San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas
79driver, Kade Watson, Stephenville, Erath County, Texas

bigtoyman, dskchevy, jeep-Jeep, JEpp, LibTimothy, phreatdawg, USAFSS-COLDWARRIOR, 79driver

There are at least three other SS Members that I am aware of within 75 miles of my location. They have been PM'd with invitations to "sign up". If any of you have other contacts in the region, please feel free to pass this thread on to them to help compile as complete a roster as we can.

The LINK below in my signature can be cut & pasted into your message for convenience.
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Well I dont own any MVs but would like to someday.

Brady, McCulloch County, Texas
No problem with that, Garret. We have all dreamed of our hobby/passion or addiction before it became a reality. Are you actively "shopping" for one at this point? Or are you still in the early "fantasy" stage?

Whether you own or not....
Welcome to the west Texas Detachment just the same:driver:


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Brady, Texas
still fantasy by far. i want a HMMWV.........BAD and a M113 but i dont see that happening.

[EDIT] what i CAN offer is that i have a lil tool trailer so if anyone breaks down around these parts i can offer some help [/EDIT]