SF-97/Title options for a trailer in VA


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Va Beach, Va
I realize this thread is seven years old

I realize this thread is seven years old....
My recent experience titling a GOVplanet trailer purchase in Virginia.
After purchasing the trailer I emailed Govplanet about the title since VA DMV does not accept a SF97. Govplanet said they could provide a title from Montana or some other state for $150.00.
I decided to try and see if VA DMV would issue a title. After emailing VA DMV they said all I would need is a bill of sale a form VSA-17A application for title and registration (tags) and Form VSA-12 "Affidavit in Lieu of Title Certificate" the VSA-12 will need to be notarized.

I went to a DMV office close to work before lunch and the agent and manager weren't comfortable with the process, the manager wanted to know what was the year of manufacture. I told her the name plate said 12/09 and showed her a picture of the same. she questioned the lack of a four digit year. I could tell then that it was not going to be a positive process. The manager also stated that they or I would need to send all of the paper work to the headquarters in Richmond to process, and that I would need a check or money order to send with it.
I decided that I needed to go to another DMV branch. I told them that I would need to make copies of all of the paper work and would come back.

After work I went to another DMV branch closer to where I live. I asked if I could have someone review my paper work to ensure that everything was correct before I submitted it.
The nice person at the information desk said to go to window 9 and ask for the manager, no I did NOT have to take a number and wait.

The manager reviewed my paper work and said everything is in order except form VSA-12, She said I need to fill out the revised form. Of course this is the form that has to be notarized. She was gracious and provided me with blank copies of the new form. I filled out the new forms went to the bank, had the forms notarized and returned to the DMV branch and was issued a number to wait my turn.

Once I was called up the agent thoroughly reviewed the paper work. The only question that she had for me was are you also registering the trailer and do you want large or small tags.
So DMV created and issued me a title and license plates on the spot.
I was very happy to say the least.

I did ask about the sales tax, since GOVplanet charged me Virginia sales tax. DMV stated that I would have to pay sales tax again unless the seller had given me a check made out to the state of VA for the sales tax to submit to DMV.
I'll be pursuing GOVplanet for the duplicated sales tax.

Before I left I asked the agent about obtaining a title for an military surplus actual motor vehicle that I may be purchasing at auction in the future.
She said to bring in the same documentation that I brought in for the trailer and they would create the title and issue license plates.

Here's what documents I presented to DMV:
Bill of sale from GOVPlanet
Release of item form from GOVplanet
Photo of the name plate with serial number, weights, and date of delivery on it.

To summarize, Be nice to the agents they are in control, smile, be patient, make copies of everything before you get to DMV. If it seems like the agent or manager is resisting the application or is unfamiliar with the process, make an excuse to leave and go to a larger DMV branch that processes more applications and has more experienced staff.
And don't forget to say thank you very much.

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I just registered a trailer in Maine, by email and phone. Under 18000 lbs, no inspection and I don't live there. I purchased the 5 year registration and it was around $100 for 5 years. I have a transferiable title from the old owner, but didn't need it. It may be a problem if you go to sell it down the road.
Just google Maine trailer regristration.
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