Simple axle swap question ?


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I have been looking at a lot of threads talking about axle swap and also reading threads where its done. Its ether shorten axle, or move leaf spring hanger out. What i am wondering, is why don't people just re-weld a new leaf spring mount on the axle ? It seems the easiest, and it would align everything, or am i missing something ? I realize people shorten to keep the track the exact same as stock, but from what i have seen, that 1 or so inches on each side really make no difference.


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Most modern front axles with a passengers side drop (meaning the differential is on the passengers side of the truck) like a Dana 60 has the spring perch or mount for the spring is part of the differential housing. Plus there is very little room from the diff to the end of the axle to mount another perch. Here is a pick from the interwebs to show what I'm talking about. Capture.JPG Also to get the track straight you have to either move the passenger side leaf spring or shorten the driver side axle housing. For me it was easier to move the spring.


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Also, the Dana 60 front axle has the leaf spring mount cast into the center housing. Moving it towards the center of truck to add a weld on leaf mount would put the differential near the middle of the truck - no good.

Narrowing a Dana 60 is not complicated. Cut axle tube at knuckle, knock out tube inside knuckle, slip knuckle on housing tube stub and set caster (put at same angle as OEM using electronic HF angle finder- or change to suit needs), and reweld knuckle to tube. Then order custom length inner axle shafts - very routine in 4x4 world. Repeat for other side, if needed.

Then buy a 77-78 Ford 4x4 power steering box. Then swap 1980-1994 Ford truck 4x2 or 4x4 power steering box for its guts to make the 77-79 box reverse steering - surprising easy to do. Install it with crossover steering into the M37. I suggest removing front frame crossover and make it narrower for the steering clearance. The website has info on it in the posts for the Mopar 383 engine swap for a M37.

I am slowly going through this now. :)


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Why not do as i am planning to do with my Corp 10 bolt.
I am making some new front hanger mounts which will put the springs out board on either side by 1.5 inches.
That takes care of the front spring hangers.
For the rear end if the front springs I am having offset shackles made the same 1.5 inches.
That way the axles stays stock and is fairly cheap to do. Plus it will keep everything geometrically correct.
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