Southwind Heater or Benmar Heater (48 hours to answer)

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Galveston, TX
Good Morning,

I've already posted a similar thread in the 5 ton forums but due to the time constraints of an offer I have and the increased traffic on this forum, I'm posting again...

Given the option, which is a more reliable heater, a Southwind 939J24 or Benmar 3050? I have an offer to get the Southwind for $200 after shipping or the Benmar for $350, but the southwind offer closes Friday morning (48 hours...). I understand from another member that the ceramic is probably a better ignition source. Are either of these heaters fully automated (as in power cycle on/off based on heat). I've found only a little online in terms of manuals and paperwork for these, so I figured user experience would probably know better. My plan is to use one of these with a calorifier 6 gallon hot water tank to provide shower/sink hot water in my camper design.

I had another offer on a thermal 3705 which is really enticing but I haven't worked my designs out yet. From what I've heard thus far, it sounds like the Southwind might be good to let go.....

Thanks for the responses!
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