Spin On Oil Filters for the Multifuel


Cuba, IL
In searching through previous posts I have seen several questions about spin on oil filters. The multifuel was used in White 2-135 and maybe 2-155 farm tractors. They used spin on filters. I saw in a previous post someone has this setup on their duece but didn't know where it came from. The casting ties into the oil cooler so their is some disassembly required. The tractors also used a smaller rotary injection pump. Stanadyne I think. They also have the A/C compressor mounted where the air compressor is on the multifuel. I have checked salvage yards but haven't found a tractor yet. There weren't a lot of Whites in our part of the country. It may be available from the dealer, but probably costly. If I remember today I will call and check on the price.


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I have been thinking for some time of machining some adapters. My plan is for a plate that goes on where the can is now. Then a spin on filter just goes on that. Between the mill and lathe I don't think it'll be much of a deal to make. Just have to get around to it.
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