Status of the Military Salvage Yard in Rolla, Missouri

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Just left. Spent better than an hour in the rain. Warren is such a nice guy. We didn't want to sell anything from a truck, unless you buy the entire truck.
I found a wrecked older 5 ton that had 2 full sets of side & corner bows w/ fiberglass staves, but no good top bows. I picked up a full set of side staves, corner bows and a huge tow strap for $75. I'm happy! We even gave him a full apple pie we had left from dinner last night. He was glad to have the company. He's 91 now and said he wants all of this sold in 3 yrs.


Imperial, MO
I have a bunch more pics, but it won't let me post them. I met Warren Dean for the second time yesterday. He is 91. He has Hospice care. I tried to buy a few things from him. Either he wouldn't sell it or was out of his mind on price. He thinks he is going to get most of his Jeeps back together to sell. I asked how much for the one he has together, and he said I wouldn't like his price. He is a hoarder. Real nice guy, though. All this siht will be in a scrap yard in a couple years. It's a shame. I have drove buy this place for 31 years and was honored to be able to take my 5 year old through it yesterday. I have wanted to walk it my whole life. I was disappointed though. It is all going to siht.
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