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Vassar, mi
I often have to type posts twice because even though I am logged on and see my name on the online list, the site says I must logon again as soon as I send the post. My post is often lost in this mixup. If there is something I should do differentyl, please let me know. If there is a bug, please help.
Claymont, DE
I have this issue as well while on my PC, it's been that way for months as I recall, if I take more than 15 minutes replying and/or reading, the next action I do (next page, post, ect.) it logs me out, I've gotten in the habit of copying my post before submitting as a just in case for the log out issue. Although I have found the my iPod never has this issue (I do 90% of my reading/posting from here)

Any admins or mods know what the issue may be? Or anyone one computer code savvy for that matter


New member
Perry, Ga.
Billy Bobbed got it right. Just click on the "Remember me" button next to your sign in. That will take care of it.

If you don't do that, you get timed out. But do remember to log off when not using the computer or this site. It will give more throughput or quicker access to others who are more active at the time. It's just a "netiquette thing", to log off when not active. Good luck.
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