Steel Soldiers Donor Recognition


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Charleston, WV
I would like to recognize the following members for their cash donations to Steel Soldiers in the past year:

Bronze Contributors: $1-20
Barbara Butler 12/13/07
Scott Smart 12/16/07
Ty Corlew (m16ty) 12/17/07
Jason Frisch 12/18/07
Zev Weis 12/20/07
Henry Anderson 12/30/07
Sascha Bauer 1/9/08
Zackry Hendrix 1/13/08
Christopher Hinds 2/3/08
Gordon Felice 2/7/08
Steven Wells 2/21/08
Wesley Charmasson 2/21/08
Robert Ruiz III 2/22/08
Judith Beattie 2/23/08
Bryan Rupp 2/25/08
Joseph Scotti 4/4/08
Jason Moulton 4/20/08
Henry Anderson 4/22/08
Robert Martin 6/1/08
Earnest Perkins 6/9/08
Gary R Bussell 6/20/08
Ross Berck 7/3/08
Ralph Mangold Jr 7/13/08
Sascha Bauer 7/14/08
Walter Felletter 7/22/08
Marc McDowell 8/2/08
Eric Spath 8/27/08
Ryan Yowell 8/27/08
Michael Herbertson (Gamagoat1) 8/27/08
Mark Reid 8/28/08
Christopher Iverson 9/8/08
Sascha Bauer 9/11/08
Melody Amerman 9/22/08
Harry Griner 9/25/08
Jeff Day 10/17/08
Dean Polizzotto 11/2/08
(hulk31st) 11/3/08
Kip Thompson (kipman) 11/5/08
Ron Nicholson (Ronbo) 11/6/08
William Mortimer (SteamboatWilly) 11/10/08
John Crane (crajoh71) 11/11/08
Mark Warner (mbwarner) 11/14/08
Max Feinberg (maxfeinberg) 11/21/08

Silver Contributors: $21-40
Scott Fleck (NewMVGuy) 10/20/07
Dave Oheim (Rattlehead) 10/31/07
Dan Martin (DanMartin) 11/2/07
Michael Greer 11/24/07
Kip Thompson 12/18/07
Christopher Hunter 12/30/07
Daniel Weinberg (bugei) 1/1/08
Raymond Breeland (breelanr) 1/9/08
Mark Schimmer (roger-wilco-66) 2/28/08
Bill Parks (srjeeper) 3/24/08
Glen McMullan 4/9/08
Gerry Meyle 4/20/08
Bill Wincapaw (Bill W) 4/22/08
J.R. Hoffmeier (Steelandcanvas) 4/23/08
Phil Curry (70deuce) 5/23/08
rsh253 6/12/08
Neil Amrhein (CUCVFAN) 7/1/08
Sam Randall 7/11/08
Craig Clifton (Craig C) 7/31/08
Daniel McGuinn 8/4/08
AJ Barrington (Floyd) 8/11/08
Matthew L Brandvold 8/27/08
Charles Lewis (Groundog) 9/5/08
Kevin Wetzel 9/13/08
James Korzekwa 9/25/08
John Souder (Chow717) 9/25/08
Robert Minnick 10/4/08
Marc Rosenthal 10/7/08
Anthony Wright 10/10/08
James Christenberry 10/11/08
Sean Taylor (HEDELTA) 10/20/08
Matt Taylor (Powerhousedeuce) 10/20/08
Tim Horan (hippiedude) 10/30/08
Christopher Koch (otisroy) 10/30/08
Reuben Davidson (bigelk50) 11/3/08
George Lauritson (gmayor) 11/3/08
Brian J Dalton (hogtruck) 11/5/08
William McFadden (Mountain William) 11/11/08
(Streetbike Depot) 11/17/08
Allan Swayze (ASwayze) 11/21/08
(SCSG-G4) 11/21/08
Charles Stansbury (oldvw2) 11/22/08
Henry Herrington (hrh_96) 11/26/08
ove-arnfinn haugom (kaiser m35) 11/27/08
Chuck Goslee (196thprober) 11/28/08

Gold Contributors: $41-100
Kevin Hilding (Desert Deuce) 10/17/07
Kevin Sharp 10/31/07
Leonard Jones (Jones) 11/1/07
Mike Popovitch (MikePop) 11/18/07
Stephen Feldmeier (StephenFeldmeier) 12/19/07
Harry Davis (FMJ) 12/23/07
Robert Minnick (littlebob) 1/17/08
Eric Alspaugh (miltrucks) 1/30/08
Bill Torok (oifvet) 2/19/08
Daryl Meece 4/20/08
Stephen Sullivan 4/20/08
Stephen Bradley 4/21/08
Lamlakhone Litthilao 4/24/08
Will Wagner (WillWagner) 6/29/08
Kenny Ridlon 7/4/08
Kenneth Engle (recovry4x4) 8/4/08
Will Wagner (WillWagner) 8/26/08
Robert Linn (GunnersHusband) 9/5/08
Matt Taylor 9/6/08
Allan Cotton 9/9/08
Daniel McGuinn (DM22630) 9/16/08
Charles James (Marine Tracs) 9/22/08
James Black 9/28/08
Phillip Oyston 10/2/08
Karl Hosterman (antennaclimber) 10/17/08
Jonathan Colby (Boatcarpenter) 10/20/08
Martin Elfrey 10/23/08
Michael Mcalister (weewillywinky) 11/7/08
Greg Beyer (drgreg) 11/15/08

Platinum Contributors: $101-??!!
Lee Houde (houdel) 11/16/07
Randy Emr (emr) 1/6/08
(Medlog) 4/20/08
Harry Davis (FMJ) 6/26/08
Rory Clarke (M813rc) 6/27/08
Dudley Taylor (ATANKERSDAD) 10/20/08

SS Server Contributors
Michael Davidsen (MadDawg308) $$
Ernie Mitchell (sasquatchsanta) $$
Ross Cadick $$
JR Dobyns (jdobyns) $$
Lynden Huggins (outdoorbum)
Bill Wincapaw (Bill W) $$
Devin Freeman (djfreema) $$
Manuel R Alonso (KC4MNE) $$
Karl Colbrunn $$
George Lauritson $$
Charles Evans (Wreckerman893) $$
Josh Shaw $$
Chad Stansbury (oldvw2) $$
Anthony R Day $$
Patrick Jankowiak (OPCOM) $$
JR Dobyns (jdobyns) $$
Tim Horan (hippiedude) $$
Joe McDowell (Herc69) $$
Scott Rice $$
Kenny Engle (Recovry4x4) $$
Eric Spath $$
Chris Catlett (ccatlett1984) $$
Stan Baynes (stan) $$
Nick Denardo (nickd) $$
Will Wagner (WillWagner) $$
Kevin Twiss $$
Robert D Miller Jr (Rdixiemiller) $$
Ted Gates $$
James Henderson $$
Cabell Garbee (CGarbee) $$
Jon Toumanian (JDToumanian) $$
Preston Sewell 5/19/07 Server $$
Eddie Malinowski (thebuggyman) $$
Jeff Olson (Deuceswild) $$
Mark (emmado22) $$
Jeff Hartline (junkyardwarscrusher) $$
Graham Wooden (Gasser) $$$$$

Unobtanium Contributors: Priceless
Mike Maynard (mangus) webmaster and SS partner
Graham Wooden (Gasser) maintains the SS server

Thanks everyone! :D

You too can make a donation. Just go to the top of the main home page and click the "Donate Now" button!


New member
Baton Rouge LA
I would like to thank all of the staff/moderators on this Forum for thier time and input. I became interested in the DEUCE after I was sent pictures of my couisn in New Orleans after Katrina hit. I found out he was hooked too and had already purchased one when I was bidding on mine. He turned me on to this site and I am forever grateful of that, because I don't think I will
be able to complete mine without EVERYONES input. I want to give a special thanks to David Doyle for the wealth of information I have seen with his posts here and in the MVPA puplications.
Thank's to all,


Staff member
Charleston, WV
Thanks littlebob! I would like to let folks know that a ton of donations have been made since I last updated the list above. We are working on a new way to give thanks to our donating members.


Rifle, Colorado
Gee has it been a year since I last helped out? Time flys! I was Platinum before, and I will be again! Been out of town alot but I'll help out in about a week or so :wink:


Staff member
Charleston, WV
I have tried to get all of the donations posted from the last year that I received via PayPal. If you paid with a check or money order, please refresh my memory. If anyone has been left off, please PM me. Thanks.
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