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Introduction to CANADA a 1941 Pattern 12 Canadian Military Pattern Truck

Hi All

From this
Pat 12 as found.png
Pat 12 Nose Change Details 034 (1).jpg
to this.

Over the next week or so I'll introduce you to the journey through the rust of years to a very enjoyable and usable Military Vehicle.

Cheers Phil



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Ok, let me re-introduce you to Reis the Beast, she is what she is, a 1995 M1078A0 who found me. One among many, who didn't get any gp-auction love. With zero bids, I dropped one on her, the last 2 minutes, not even expecting to have a chance. A few days later Reis the Beast was conceived. There really is no book to help with the birthing process, so I turned to this great and almighty site, STEEL SOLDIERS and my brothers for answers/help. Private FNG M1078MAN was born as well. Great people and the willingness to help continues to be shown by all here. Thank you.

So the next step was a mad dash to the EUC-OLIGIST, and the pharmacy-bank. Once the I's were dotted/ the T's crossed, the EUC-OLIGIST gave her a clean EUC and title of health. It was at that point, we hunted for a PA or Doctor to make the large delivery.

This is when I was introduced to some brothers who were trained PA;s in recovery. Mike started her journey, picking her up from Bragg, and protecting her from thieves, For 8 months he kept her, with naught a complaint. After multiple attempts, personal tragedy and even considering parting her out. I heard of this legend, a larger then life dude, and Master Mech/Dr, It didn't take long to figure out who the legend is, Dr Wes the man Simp. After consulting with him and his surgical team, he made the call to c-section this truck. It was no run of the mill transport and the delivery was no easy task, as she had to be recovered on top of a mountain, during colossal rain, storms and mud slides, he persevered as he continued the painful delivery dealing with Tornado's, fog, thunder storms and the obvious idiots on the road. After many hours of road labor, I received a call from a friend, who excitedly said,I see your truck being towed by a tank of a truck, and on April 18 2019 at approximately 1600 and after 6 hours of labor the Dr made the delivery, all 19k worth. Thankfully, his Dr skills, and mighty assistant, the big cam 900/mrap/het with Dukemonster SIMPly allowed him to complete the mission.
My mil-hats off to you Wes :beer:

I got her home, a limp, a tire or two empty, trans and electrical problems, drove her 2 miles to the house. Where she has been under the knife just about everyday. We have made many leeps and bounds getting her just about mission ready. Again without the outstanding help of named and unnamed folks on SS, she would not be where she is today.

Again, about Reis, she is a 1995M1078A0 WTEC II SS 2.5T truck, With this sites help, she will be a warrior once again, serving me as faithfully as she supported the 3ESC 264CSSB. Reis the Beast has given back as she has cost me. Her lights are lite, her motor runs strong, and boy does she run through the gears.

Polished and waxed, well, not really,.. This is Reis the Beast, she has had a long journey, in a short time. Her drive to show her pride is evident in her return to mission ready, and a well deserved and honorable TOM

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Dang showoff, :naner:I voted for ya too brother, Prev m543/m816/m936 and m1089 operator
You've never really done it all until you led the best Squad on the Planet or been at the wheel of an M984A4! In the interest of keeping it M1089 related I'll toss out two pictures of my old one!



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From Rust To Steel

Hi All

In sharing the story of the restoration of this Military Vehicle, wanted to share the other side of the Military Vehicle hobby the restoration of basket cases for which there are few NOS parts.

W Instrument Pannel copy.jpg

Where restoration is figuring out how the part was built originally or what civilian vehicle it came from and going from there. First step on working on a truck like this is check the status of your last tetanus shot, because you will be dealing with rust. The following are some more pictures of where the project started. When possible I have matched those pictures up with the replacement or rebuilt part.

Even the frame need extensive work, the inner frame had rusted and spread
copy IMG_0010.jpg

My love affair with these trucks started 40 some years ago and yes I still have that truck and drive it on a regular basis. Canada my Pattern 1941 Pattern 12 cargo is the third of these truck that followed me home.

Rotiserie Delivery 2018-11-22 at 9.51.24 AM.png
This last photo was taken last winter when I had a automotive rotisserie delivered and the trailer truck would not come down our road in the snow.

More of the story to come.

Cheers Phil


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I have been at many events with Jeff's "War Wagon" it is a definite crowd builder! :driver:


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I should have looked at Phil's restore picture. I only look at the pic while the bushes were eating at it. Still like red things but Phil looks like you did a great job. Can half my vote go to Phil and half go to Fuzzy?
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