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Welcome to the MV of the month poll sponsored by Consolidated Press. The winner each month will receive a one of a kind decal with their win! If you need decals, magnets, stencils, or anything printing related, please give them a call!

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Now, onto the vote! Please vote for MV of the month! Feel free to campaign in this thread, but please keep it here and not via PM.

1. Junkyard Wars Crusher

2. simp5782

3. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

4. Elijah95

5. Phoenix77

6. HDN


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Again, I quote from the campaign a couple of years ago......


220KAK 26' Box Van Trailer

This restoration is a work in progress.... Very, Very SLOW progress so far.

She's currently parked in our back yard in such a position that photos worthy of posting are nearly impossible to be had. We have not done much toward her restoration yet as she's currently serving "dry storage duty" for various tools and equipment.

These photos are "as found".

The interior of the 220KAK is seemingly ORIGINAL woodwork with the bump-rails and all. Only the right rear cargo door is missing its original plywood inner skin.
The oak flooring has been covered with some thin sheets of compressed board, presumably due to wood rot on the base floor planks.
Close inspection of the aluminum roof shows years of west Texas hail exposure with numerous dents.... Battle wounds, of course. Thankfully, the roof is weather-tight. The slight puddling seen on the floor in these photos is because the doors had been left open and we had had a rainstorm the night before.

Branded on the upper interior just forward of the cargo doors.
This number "662" is also showing in very faded white paint on the outside of one cargo door.

The original Date Plate:
Model: 220 KAK
Mfg. Ser. No. 21287
NSN No. 2330-542-2511
Vehicle Wgt. Unloaded 10250 LBS
Payload Maximum 36000 LBS
Gross Wgt. Maximum 46250 LBS
Date of Delivery 1-13-1960
Contract No. DA-20-113-ORD-24272
U.S. Property USA702100
Axle K-20-6A, Brakes 6 In.
Wheels Budd-65350-8
Drums B-1826-1
Supports Homan M-2000
Suspension Neway-632-1
Inner Brg. Timken, Inner Cup 653
Outer Brg. Timken, Outer Cup HM 212011

She's wired (Original Equipment) for BOTH 24V Mil-Standard Lights AND 12V Commercial Standard Lights with separate circuits all the way to the back where she's got two sets of taillights. I have not yet chased the circuits, but I believe that the corner and upper marker lights are connected to only the 12V system.
As you can see in this photo, the 12V connection box is heavily damaged. I have not yet find a "correct" replacement for a historically accurate restoration.


Built in 1960 by the KINGHAM TRAILER COMPANY in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

To the best of my knowledge, this is a rather RARE MV to be found nowadays.

Only one other time have I found anything on the internet about a 220KAK. A few years ago there was one that popped up in an GSA-online auction. It was located in Orange, California and was in decent shape for being of the same vintage, although the auction notes said "Rust Damage". The one at auction was 1959 vintage, S/N 31175. Ours is a later vintage but bears the lower SN 21287, so we cannot tell from the SN how many might have been produced.

I have seen some photos of these trailers at ammunition facilities - factories, dockside (both in the States and Vietnam), etc.
They are officially a "Dry Goods Van" trailer, but I believe they were often used as "Sea Containers" for ammunition. Their short bodies and high payload would indicate that the density of ammunition masses in ammo cans would easily rationalize the need for such a compact yet heavy-duty design.
Being wired for both 24V & 12V electrical connections would also indicate "intermodal" functionality.

When we found her, she was languishing in an electrical contractors storage yard. When I inquired about her the old guy told me she'd been in that yard for almost 10 years and had, for the decade or so prior to that, been serving his business as a support/storage trailer at his larger job sites.
Since her undercarriage is all heavy steel, and her superstructure is all aluminum, and also considering her wooden floors and inner skin, the best local scrap price I was quoted was $0 - TOO labor intensive to dismantle!! So, I gave the guy a $400 bid and he bit!!! Not a bad price for a bit of history, huh?

So now, she's awaiting my serious efforts at restoration. We've now also acquired an XM818 as motive power for her mobility. I really have no excuse for not giving her the attention she deserves.

As for my Poll Campaign.... I'm not really expecting to gather many votes. She kinda looks like the UGLY DUCKLING.
I figure that just getting the word out that this NEARLY EXTINCT and yet beautifully restorable MV is still around MIGHT help us locate another of her pedigree... and, if there IS another, that they may breed and produce offspring, too. rofl


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Another "Old Post Quote" for ya..........

Some additional photo album memories of readying the 220KAK for her recovery trip....

I had located some "new" wheels and tires. They had come of an M818 that had gotten larger "shoes" for playing in the mud. These tires still had (and still have) the mold nubs on them. Got the full set of TEN from the M818, which put 8 on the ground under the 220KAK AND a spare in each of the two spare tire racks under her box.

It was a quick PIT STOP on a day I was busy at the funeral home. So I had a local Tire Guy change out the wheels....

2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 001.jpg

2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 008.jpg2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 009.jpg Those old tires were toast!

2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 011.jpg2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 012.jpg Even the spare tire racks got loaded!

2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 013.jpg

Now ready for the recovery trip (about 4 miles to our backyard) we still didn't have a tow vehicle of our own.....

SO.... Thanks to a local company that specializes in road and highway construction, bridges and parking lots, etc, they literally LOANED us a driver and short tractor, a supervisor for escort, and their lead contract bidder (a personal friend of ours).....

2011-12-16 15.15.15.jpg2011-12-16 The FOLLOWER Comes Home 001.jpg

2011-12-16 The FOLLOWER Comes Home 003.jpg <--- OK! Who else among us has recovered an MV while wearing a SUIT and dressed for a funeral ?!?!?!?

2011-12-16 The FOLLOWER Comes Home 005.jpg This is why a short tractor was needed on this first arrival to our LZ... She had to be jackknifed through a 21' wide gate off of a 25' wide alley. That's a pretty good trick for a 26' trailer! Our borrowed driver did it in just ONE SHOT!!!
NOTE: This trip was LEGAL - You can see the white ONE WAY TRIP PERMIT taped to the back bumper bar.

2011-12-16 The FOLLOWER Comes Home 007.jpg A good shot of how tightly our motor pool fits into our backyard. And our canine corps inspecting the new arrival.
While the movement was technically "LEGAL" the trip, which was done mostly on neighborhood streets, did not include any trailer lights (the 12V connections FUBAR) and the Glad Hands had been sheared from the forward bulkhead, so NO BRAKES!
NOTE: The brakes DID NOT need to be caged for this trip. Being a 1960's vintage trailer, the brakes are DISENGAGED when "relaxed" and require air pressure to apply the friction between the pads and drums. This is OPPOSITE to more modern and SAFER brake design standards.

2011-12-16 The FOLLOWER Comes Home 009.jpg Note the faded "662" on the right rear door. And the rear lighting is noteworthy as well: both military lighting and commercial lighting can be seen here; along with the upper marker lights and the center 3 being skewed to allow for the upper door latch anchorage.


Here's the KINGHAM TRAILER COMPANY's "CROWN LOGO" cast into the rear door sill:

2011-10-11 220KAK Gets New Shoes 003.jpg

Hope that helps to sway some voters!


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And another (partially) quoted Old Post.....


We had considered modifying the 220KAK into an "rolling palace" complete with windows, RV-type entry door(s), and all the comforts of a travel trailer. However, once we realized that we'd be butchering what may well be the last of her species, we have decided to keep her as original as practical - WITH safety grades, and restorative paint, etc..

To deploy her as a camping/bug-out-ready toter is now the plan. She's got lots of room to bed down inside if we're "on the run", yet carrying capacity for just about everything including kayaks and ATV's.

The 220KAK has a name as well!
We call her THE FOLLOWER.

All of our MV's have faith-based names:

Our DEUCE was our "first born" into the motor pool. We christened it THE ARK... Our original "bug-out" vehicle. We thought that name summed up her secondary purpose as a vehicle for surviving a "world class" catastrophe with our household of (at the time we got her) two adults, a teenager, and 6 dogs & 8 cats. (We're now just 2 adults, 4 dogs and 2 cats.) (UPDATE 8/16/20: now still 2 adults, only 2 dogs, and holding at 2 for the cat-count.)

Next came the M105 trailer. She's called THE RAINBOW. If you check out the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark, it was the RAINBOW that followed that epic event - a sign of God's promise to never again destroy the earth by flood. (Please note, HE never ruled out using FIRE next time.) For our purposes, THE RAINBOW will indeed be right behind THE ARK if we ever necessarily bug-out.

Our third MV was the 220KAK. And, envisioning we'd be acquiring a tow vehicle, we named her THE FOLLOWER.... and predetermined the tow vehicle's name to be THE SHEPHERD. Hence, THE SHEPHERD shall "lead" THE FOLLOWER. ... and we now have the XM818 as that tow vehicle.


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1986 AM General HMMWV, dubbed "Sweet Pea" after my daughter (11 when I bought the HMMWV). Picked it up a Ft Bragg, NC.

New batteries, dropped fuel tank out and cleaned it and she runs great. Added soft top / doors, was missing seats, so went full jeep replacement seats for comfort and water / dirt resistance. Rubberized self-adhesive diamond plate applied over dynamat. Wired USB chargers on a 12v system under the radio tray, painted and disguised to still look milspec.

12k WARN winch, surplus server cases modified and affixed to bed haunches for additional storage (land anchor and other recovery gear). Fabricated a roof rack, wired back up lights like the ambulances have by utilizing a tractor solenoid on the shifter and tied it into the gear selector light.

New LED headlights and indicators, VT plates to get out on the road. Taking it to the Outer Banks to drive on the beach in October with the family.


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.30 cal ammo can glove box, aviation grade intercom system, subtle grenade gear shifter. Added self-adhesive velcro strip for morale patch application to represent the varied interests of the family. The latest addition is "But Did You Die?"

Added kydex MOLLE panels between the pillars to provide additional storage.

Repainted entire vehicle inside & out. I used to think it would be fun to spray paint a vehicle camo. I was right.

Got a Pfizer parking permit so I can get on-site. Always fun to roll through the gate in the 7' wide camo HMMWV rumbling like a ticked off Rhino.

In May, we partook in a drive-through Mother's Day parade at the retirement community where my Mom is quarantined. It was a big hit; saw some vets with flags and gave them a horn double tap salute.



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My 1995 AM General M35A3 is my first army truck. I don't intend to mod it other than eventually getting it a fresh coat of paint and new tires. Mechanically, it's the same as when it left the service besides the air pressure relief MWO (it was somehow missed in-service).

I'm trying to decipher the bumper numbers. They're black letter stickers that were painted over by its first owner, which probably helped a lot to preserve them! I know the truck's registration number is PS 220 for sure. But this is what I have for everything else:

Major organization: WYT5Y4 (looks like a base code)
Minor organization: 316AG (I think this is 316th Adjutant General)
Unit: D0003 (D Company vehicle #3?)
Reg #: PS 220

If anyone has an idea of what these actually are, please send me a PM :)

Hear the truck from the cab:

There are other videos of the truck on my YouTube channel!


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Here is my story.
1966 Kaiser-Jeep
M342A2 Truck, Dump, 2 1/2 ton

Purchased this truck and dragged it home in July 2006.

Painted Body to match 4 color MERDC found under layers of civilian paint (also matches the truck I drove while in military service)

apg_prep_1_499.jpgme 029.jpg


Longest Road Trip - East Coast Convoy to Aberdeen 2007 (1100 miles)


Also driven to MVPA National Convention in Evansville Indiana 2009

Display Vehicle for two different Vietnam Moving Wall Events.


Was used as a static display during a local Vacation Bible School themed "Boot Camp"

Attended several Haspin Rallies.
342 and 105 from westy.jpg

Junkyard Wars Crusher

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This truck is not just a show queen, but gets worked like a truck too!

1678.jpg1679.jpg1681.jpg1682.jpgnpe mulch haul.jpgpicture_026_142.jpg

Attended more than two dozen parades since purchase


Upgrades, Repairs, and Maintenance
New Master Cylinder
Rebuilt Brake Booster
Rebuilt Wheel Cylinders
Swapped out every single tire on this truck (some more than once!)
Installed M35A3 combat wheels with 12.5 R20 Continental NATO tires on steer axle for "float"
Replaced Fuel Tank
Added Whistler "C" Turbo
Added NOS Exhaust Kit
Installed Thermocouple, Pyro and Boost gauges
Replaced Box Driver Seat with Springer Seat
Replaced all canvas seat covers
Added Canvas Shift Boots
Removed Hard Top and installed NOS Canvas
Found and Installed correct troop seats
Adapted 5-ton Canvas Bed Cover to fit
Paint all over
Installed Halogen Headlights
Installed Bridge Plate
Replaced Front and Rear composite lights with LED
Built and installed Wood Side boards for Dump Bed
Replaced Side Mirrors
Replaced Water Pump
Replaced V-Belts
Replaced Radiator
Replaced Radiator Hoses
Installed Coolant Filter
Installed Spin-on Oil Filters
Welded in Patches in Bed Floor Holes
Replaced Tailgate
Replaced Reflectors
Replaced Batteries (twice)
Replaced Steel Battery Box with later model Plastic one
Added Jerry Can Holder
Installed New Windshields with Aftermarket replacements
Installed Upgraded Wiper Blades
Added Slave Cable Receptacle
Installed Keyed Battery Disconnect for safety
Replaced Generator with Alternator and added needed wiring harness supplement
Replaced Parking Brake Handle, Cable and Shoes
Replaced most Data Plates in Cab
Complete filter change (more than once !)

And the latest . . . . now is W/W !


Bumper markings are copied from the truck I drove in Ohio Army National Guard 1986-1992.
134th Group, 216th Engineer Battalion (134GP 216E)
Delta Company, Second Platoon, Second Squad (D-22)
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Lot of good campaigning this month, can I vote by mail also?


All kidding aside....

Last time I entered the 220KAK in the monthly MV competition, as I recall, I didn't even vote for my own MV.
However, this vote-by-mail concept means that this time I can vote for EVERYONE BUT ME.

What a concept ! ! !

(This is not a "political commentary" but is intended to be SATIRE concerning the polling in this thread/competition ONLY.)

May the BEST MV win.
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