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Derry, NH
Anyone know where I can get MP signs for front and back of my M151A1? And vehicle stencils sets. Can't get answer from Rick.


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Cleveland, OH
I made my own using Vinyl stick on letters. All MP markings in the 60s were unit made there was no stock item for marking just guidelines. The front sign that went on the windshield was made from wood or steel what ever was on hand. Was about 3.5 to 4 inches tall and little longer than the words MILITARY POLICE. The sign was white and the letter was black and 3 inch in height. On the rear of the 1/4 ton the Military Police was on a disk that fit the spare tire with the military in an arc on the top of the disk and police in an curve on the bottom of the disk. These were also white with black lettering. Size of the letters I've seen both 3 and 2 inch used. Some units put the branch insignia of the cross pistols in the center of the disk, some put the DUI others put some type of MP caricature in the middle of the disk. I've also seen green with yellow letter disks which are the MP branch colors. When I owned a M151 and was in the MPs I just made my own front and back signs as I stated. Good luck with your vehicle and post some picks of it when you're finished.
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