Stuck plug on old control box.


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Gentlemen, I've built Amphenol and Cannon and Bendix plugs for years and would like to offer some advice. The only connectors with removable pins are those that get crimped on. The solder style pins do not get removed from the connector during assembly. I have both the insert and removal tools and the crimper and think that the only time they're an advantage is when your building up what I call the "nightmare connectors". They're the ones with tiny pins located close together. On the larger solder connectors you do need a substancial soldering iron to make them up. Your typical Radio Shack hobbiest iron isn't going to put out enough heat to get everything hot enough for the solder to flow and make good connections. Proper soldering requires some experience and cold solder joints can cause unbelievable problems. When it comes to electrical/electronic soldering never use plumbers solder. It contains acid to preclean the pipes that will destroy wiring. Always use rosin flux and use plenty of it so the solder flows well and makes good contact. A good solder connection should appear shiny, if it looks flat or dull it needs to be redone.
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