Supersingle O-ring


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Sargeant, Minnesota
That Gemplers price is a great price! I just bought 1 of them for 10 bucks at a local ag tire repair shop. I have heard that there is 3 o-ring possibilities on those combat wheels and untill you open em up, you wont know what you have. Also the 1/4" x 20 round works on about 90% of the combat wheels. I believe that to be the Gemplers ring shown. Might be a good idea to call and ask them.


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Eau Claire, Wi. USA
My local big truck tire shop had everything I needed, in stock. The price was reasonable to install also, something like 28$ per wheel. However there was a fellow there that had military experience and knew the ctis system.
Hobart, WA
My 6 bolt Budd converted rims (originally 10 bolt budd) - 10 stud 3/4" diameter use a 20" o-ring with a 1/4" cord diam, the 20 stud 5/8" diameter rims on my M-543a2 use a 20" o-ring with a 3/8" cord...

Finally I have one spare rim that uses a triangular cross section ring which is molded rubber - it is 20" at the mean diameter but a low durometer 1/2" cord o-ring will work as well... (it is a 10 stud 5/8" diameter rim)

All the wheels just seal at the curved joint between the lock ring and the shell - my 5 ton has the bolt pattern in the lock ring, the converted rims have the pattern in the shell.

Either way you do it make sure the rim is polished and clean on those surfaces and use some o-ring lube for the ring - I run my rings over cured paint as it helps seal and fill any small imperfections in the metal.


Las cruces nm
I just took my truck to the local goodyear dealership. The o-rings were like 5 bucks. Comparing the price to your guys prices i think i got a smoking hot deal! Plus another 25 bucks for each tire to be mounted and sealed up. All together about 180 bucks for all 6 tires. Lets just say i was happy!
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