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Father, Surgeon, Cantankerous Grouch
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Brooklyn, NY
I work in a fab shop. Im all about making my own stuff...when its worth it.

Big dollar...hard to find...if I can make it , I will.

But that shim aint worth it. It was about $6 shipped. Its aluminum and CARC'd so no worries about galvanic corrosion.
Id probably spend $20 or more chasing down just the material. AND they had all the correct ALUMINUM bracketry for the tail gate and other stuff I needed for my X doors. Time AND money saved.
Not just price... I hate wasting time waiting for parts to ship. I have 1, 2, and 3 mm thick plastic I would have used just to get my rig done. I also have various shims that can be repurposed. I hate wasting time. But that is just me.

Still, that part is about .001 cents worth if metal and it costs 6 clams. Six bucks seems small but it is 20% more than a rotisserie chicken at Costco. These rigs will nickel and dime you to death.

Ultimately you seem happy.
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