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For the record, I read this thank you thread and I wondered what issues he has had and how he was helped in the forums.

As I read through his past threads, my interests grew to see the solutions.

Unfortunately, there were no update/solutions posted in several of his threads.

That made me more interested to know the resolutions.

I posted here and bumped a few of his threads.

I'm still interested to know, even after feeling persecuted for asking, and suggesting, and trying to help everyone.

Most don't think of a moderator's perspective.

Sometimes, you have to step back and try to see the big picture.

If I'm hated for that, well, I'll die knowing the site was great at a small cost to me.

I'd rather be your friend (and still help everyone on the site).

Sorry for such a diversion from the thread topic.
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He has spent more time posting in this thread today , than it would have took to post the end result in his other threads .


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He gets it. He speaks intelligently and has humor. I think a point was mentioned that he didn’t consider and he agrees with. This thread actually was started by him thanking us, and admitting he is still getting his forum skills tuned in. In fairness to him, it needs to be watched and mentioned to others going forward who do so. I may still be in vote of a waiting period to post after joining. It would slow down dine-and-dash attempts (which is not what happened here).
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