The shape of things to come (M-burg gen sets)


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Anyone that looked at the GL website for gen sets saw a bunch of them at M-burg. I am sure this isn't the reason but I happened to talk to a group of folks that were working on alternative power ideas for combat units. Electical power is going green in the military. For base support there is a system that burns trash and converts it to power. That's a known system for some cities stateside but this is for base camps in combat zones and is semi-portable. Second thing is solar. Solar and even flexible/protable solar panels are getting more and more developed and able to provide power on the local level. Thought process is to have solar on top of each living/office container to provide that power. In general the more they can do these kind of things, the less fuel trucks on the road getting shot at. Sure makes sense to me.


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Don't forget the new hybrid HEMMTS...they have electric drive on some of the wheels and when they get to the woods the vehicle engine becomes a generator for the camp.
No more towing gen sets and ahuling fuel to them.
They are also set up to burn biodiesel.
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