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Hey guys i found something very interesting i think some of you if not all might be interested in, you know how we have a problem with wheel balancing even on regular trucks well i found a site that has a product that several members of my TDR family have found and well im going to be getting some soon for the 2000 dodge i own.
The site is www.centramatic.com check it out, I did and well guess what they have balancers for military vehicles im not sure what size the duece rims are but check this site out, if not for your duece possibly another of your beloved MV vehicles can be fitted with these and as i mentioned several of my TDR brethren have gotten then and swear by these. So i thought i would share this info with my SS brothers... hope this helps out with some of your front end shaking with tires


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another product that we use with semi's is Equal, (not the sugar substitute) comes in a bag and looks like crack. works on tubeless tires by finding the low spot under centrifigul force. another product is a balancer ring that goes inside the tubeless tire, looks like a big plastic doughnut. ask about these at a tire shop that services big rigs.
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