Tool Fabrication

CES 3245th

Boston Ma
Due to the excessive amount of heat that we have been having here lately it tends to want to expand the fuel tank. On top of that having the diamond plate the way it is positioned makes it's a BITCH to get your hands in there to grip it and then to unscrew it. So I fabricated my Helper-Guy ! Some of you may think its lame to have such a thing, all I can tell you is it works great for me! Please note all I am doing here is SHARING what I did for my situation. If it helps somebody out And made their day a little easier in the MV community that's a good thing! HA...I'm just saying!!!

Tool Cap 2.jpgTool for cap.jpg


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Central NY
Well - if people want to poo poo your "solution" or your engineering skills - it's their problem! Good job. A lot of my posts include going beyond the TM's to maybe help others when I find an issue.

Isn't there a vent on those tanks? I am sure that the design specs for the vehicle included operating temps way above New Englands worst....
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