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No real need to shout here but, I gotta tell you, A big thanks to this site and the Classifieds section. As some of you know I am usually looking for some really hard to find stuff, and the classified and the Steel Soldiers Site has never let me done, The immense knowledge and accurate memory here coupled with a wide array of just nice people with just plain Get her done and want to help has been the difference between suces and failure, Thanks to you all, Guy fang for your genuine efforts, all the way from Germany and he ALWAYS follows up! and as I looked back he's always there for some one,hope your feeling better. Ziggy O for taking the time to dig thru his barn for two Pristine mufflers for a guy he doesn't know and has never met, Fantastic! and at rock bottom price . M 38 Maine for your Gama goat Push to Stop plate ( five years in the search, and absolutely free. ), Mark ALWAYS has an answer for a complex problem and he is CORRECT ! A side thought, AF used to put a small aluminum shield over the carb on the early meps to stop the icing problem we were talking about . keeps the air from the fan from causing condensate on bowl. you are just plain a good bunch of guys. Haven't felt such comraderie since I left the service and the newbie to the Goat herd from Loo ze Anna, Al Capone, gave up top secret Ball joint data including the location ,( imagine that and all with out torture, if you knew how closely some goat "turd " info is guarded you would cringe ) Salute! Proud to be associated with you fellas.
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