TOW mule project progress

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Sorry guys, hate to put a damper on this thread but, can we atleast get the nomenclature right for the TOW System components? WHat is being referred to as the T & E is acutally called a traversing unit. WHat is being referrred to as the control box is actually called an MGS or missile guidance set. Oh, and TOW standds for Tube Launched Optically Tracked Wire Guided missile system In previous days they were mounted on M-151 jeeps, a jeep squad consisted of the following: (2) M-151 TOW jeeps each with a driver/assistant gunner., a gunner, 1 each complete TOW-2 Missile System, with three (3) rounds, a AN/GRC-160 Radio Set, and one (1) M-151 TOW Squad Leader Jeep W/M-416 Trailer. One the squad leader jeep there were missile racks that sat in the rear of the jeep and carried 6 missiles. None of the jeeps had windshields or tops on them for obvious reasons.

I never heard of a TOW being mounted on a MULE but, stranger things have happened.

I was a TOW gunner, squad leader and section leader with 1st Marines from 85-92, if you have any other questions regarding the TOW please feel free to send me a PM.

Hi Tim
Since you seem to have had first hand knowledge of the TOW system this question is for you however any input from others is welcome as well.
During your time as aTOW gunner did you ever see a Diagnostic Device that was encased in a TOW tube.
I have seen something that appears to be some kind of device that you would load into the launcher like a TOW tube. If I remember correctly it has 2-3 rotary switches in the end of what would be the rear cap and a circular array of connectors like small headphone jacks that surround the rotary switches for plugging in jumpers. Im assuming it was used to calibrate or test the TOW launchers electronics or Guidance system.
I have never seen another tube like this however I haven't seen anything other than an empty launch tube with no end caps.



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Looks good Nick,
Looks like I'd better start laying up a TOW launch tube for ya'. In the mean time a 6inch PVC tube can be locked into the T&E with 3 sawzall cuts(shown in pic). I think the storage tube might fit in the PVC tube if you cut the end off.



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Great looking project. In the late 70's early 80's TOW systems on Mules was still going on in the 101st Abn Div; but disapeared real fast. I was told that the old Davy Crocket tactical nuke was also fitted to the Mule at one time. In Aviation one Mule was alwas designated for our crash fire rescue equipment when in the field and they were great portable stand or parts fetcher. They were very versatile.


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TOW on Mule at Lake.jpgTOW on Mule.jpgAttached pictures are from a friend of mine, we were both Paratroopers in the 82[SUP]nd[/SUP] Airborne Division during the early 70’s. The 82[SUP]nd[/SUP] Anti-tank platoons had 106mm RR, mainly on M151A1C’s but they also had them mounted on mules. Just before I shipped out to Vietnam, they were always training crew drills on the 106 in between 2/504 and 2/508.At some point during 71, I started seeing TOW’s mounted on both jeeps & mules while they were training. Pix are not that good but you can see the TOW items. My friend Andy was with 2/508 parachute Infantry.
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