towing a new to me trailer from govplanet pickup location

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Edmond, Oklahoma
Never Ever assume that a Law Enforcement will let you slide on something.
While it’s true we have discretionary latitude on some things, most of the time we do not.
My personal view on former military vehicles might be completely different than the guy flying with me.

It’s the guys who try to BS the officer about trucks and trailers and intentions with them, as far as transportation from recovery point, route home, etc.
Just be completely honest.
Most will try to help you if possible.

Your attitude is everything.
Being a jerk, rude, etc is when they will make your day not so great.

Your states DOT officers will know exactly what’s required.

If I spotted you and your LMTV towing that trailer, I would wave and carry on.
Maybe just a bit jealous too!


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Hiawassee, Georgia
I've been pulled over several times driving one of my deuces without tags. They never mentioned the fact that I didn't have tags mounted. They pulled me over to look at my truck because they thought it was cool and were interested. Although I almost never have my tags mounted, I do keep them in my cab attached to magnetic mounts.

I did have one close call. I recovered an M105 trailer and some other items with my F150 years ago at Fort Riley. The GL people told me that the local LEOs almost always waited outside the main gate during recoveries and would pull me over and give me a ticket with a many violations as they could muster, to generate local revenue. The GL guys showed me a back gate that was closed, but had some Army guys open it so that I could exit out the back and not drive by the local police. No tag posted on the trailer and no problems all the way back to Georgia.
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