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I'm finally getting around to cleaning up my M1009 interior. I removed the transfer case shift cover, which is cracked (looks like it caught a boot or such, a few times). I noticed that there are wires around the shifter, clipped, no light in the spot for the lightbulb, and the clear acrylic sliding indicator part is broken off where I assume it goes to the lever. I also assumed there would be some springs or something to help it follow the lever but I haven't completely disassembled it. In other words, everything is pretty much broken or missing.

Is there a diagram of this assembly? I checked the TM and it didn't help much. Is any of this standard or did someone go to town clipping lightbulb wires, or was the assembly neutered vs some civilian version?

I'm also wondering if someone makes a simple aftermarket boot and a shift knob indicating the positions.


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The wires are probably for the 4-wheel drive light as the CUCVs didn’t come with the light bulb for the indicator. I have a later 80s/ early 90s shift knob from a Chevy truck with the indicator button from a early 90s Dodge Ram.C7FF1C5F-E5BC-4484-BFB0-FB9927E67DC6.jpeg


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Quick tip on the 4WD light wires. You can clip them and run them up thru the firewall and eliminate the wires on the floor inside. And I would trade for a new shift bezel if you want. I see knobs in Nissan Pathfinders have the same 4wd shift pattern. I use the knobs on other equipment and lawn tractors. They have nylon threads and fit tight when you thread them on the CUCV shifter. Be Safe.
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