Turn signal switch guard?


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Not necessarily electrical in nature but concerning the turn signal switch itself. I do a bunch of events every year that involve interfacing with the public like "Touch-a-Truck", Veterans Day, and other veteran support activities that have us opening up the trucks to the public to enjoy and learn about them and the one thing I worry about is the turn signal switch. 99.9% of these trucks are immune to public access but the one thing I worry about is the turn signal switch. Kids love to shift it around and I always worry about little fingers getting caught in it. Has anyone come up with a better solution that wrapping it with shrink wrap?


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Agree with the above post.
One day it will break.

When we do a public event with the helicopters, we no longer allow anyone, kids and adults, to sit in the cockpit seats.
Even when your standing there and telling them not to touch any switches, they would do it anyway.
Finally, after an avionics and a camera control switch turned up broken, is when we stopped letting anyone up front.
The repair bill was almost $1500.

So a quick removal of the turn signal switch should work.
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