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Only read if you have an hour to spare...And wish to share my horror outing to the show.Well we set off at 4 am in convoy, and I got 2 miles before the M54 Camper (A baring the WW11 jeep) ran worse than terrible.
Turned round and returned to the shop, Changed out the filters, and away we went again. (Late).
50 miles into the journey and the truck slows and jerks like crazy.
This is in London rush hour traffic!.
On my own as the convoy kept on going.
Hood up bled filters, Got going again.
11 miles from War and Peace the truck jerks to a halt on a hill, Traffic in a queue behind.
Nothing I tried would start it and the abuse and horn blowing behind was epic.
The in tank pump had stopped working!.
The fuel filter atop the tank hit the underside of the camper so I could not get it out to check the fuel.
The in tank.
HUGE hammer and I battered the bl..dy thing 'till it did come out. (And threw it).
Thank you 'helpers'. Who had tried to refuel as asked, Seen the fuel fill the filter and stop.
Assumed the tank was full.....Yeah right...
One jerrican on the step was put in the tank.
5 ton, and no in tank pump. It AIN'T going to go.
Same hammer,(and) I battered the bottom of the tank and the top of the pump. It started pumping.
(Meanwhile beep beep beep, cuss cuss cuss...The queue AS WELL as me!).
Now the battery went flat trying to start the beast.
OOOOOOO! I KNOW HOW to start it.
Humph, there is a log jam of traffic behind, A jeep on tow...BUT, (Ho Hum..What MUST be done must be done..So..Here (we (I go)),
Tee tum tee tum...In reverse! hit the starter back down the hill we go, It fired right up.
You can imagine (Or not), juggling the brake the throttle the clutch to keep the thin running.
And, just mebb'e the consternation of the nice, impatient, rude' folk behind. Not too near behind mind's t.
Arrived at the show passing the 'recovery' team out to try to help me.
The show was great, but the camera broke.
I then developed terrible toothache and my jaw swelled up. At a local cafe I asked a motorist parking up if they had any aspirin. Turns out the lady in the group was a dispensing nurse. " Have you any Amoxicillin"...yes says she, but have you taken anything?.."yes Naproxen like 'smarties' to little avail.
OK, stop them, take these, (the amoxicillin).
24 hour later the swelling was better and the pain diminished somewhat.
However, It was VERY very hot and I had to wrap the cat in ice packs to keep her cool.
Then it rained like crazy.
By this time I was really tired out, and not trusting the in tank pump got our local company to transport the M54 Camper back home with the Packard and the Dodge.
The other low loader took the Diamond T and the Jeep.
HA!..But..20 miles into the jouney and bump bump bump, A front wheel puncture.
The driver blew it up, and on we went, For about 12 miles..same again, and again, until we reached the Dartford crossing (Under the river Thames).
"You OK" our driver calls his mate with the other low loader?..silence then, "My air compressor just went out I'm stopped". ( cut to the chase)..he waits for recover and we limp and 'blow' home.
A HUGE recovery 'thing' now has to detach the tractor of 'no air man' and pull the trailer through the tunnel, and then go back for the tractor.
" We will sort this in the morning and make plans for recovery then"
Nope! says I, cuss' the cats in the camper and in this heat?....Although I had left the air con on on the inverter and standby batteries.
My man makes a call to the 'Huge thing' (they are friends of many years).."there's a "drink in it.."
(So...) The HUGE 'thing' hoik's the whole caboodle up and just keeps a coming!. And arrives at 2AM at base (Home here.)
The cat is chuffed, So are we all. And, the air con is still running on the batteries after 16 hours!.
(8x100 A.H. to a 7000W inverter).
Bed was never so welcome, and I literally slept for 2 days.
Now I Am (a) wondering..(Just) How old..is..too old.
Next post of at the event and much happier.


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I'm going to have to save this to re-read whenever I'm having a bad day....

Glad you made it there & back, and got to enjoy the show.


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London England

I'm going to have to save this to re-read whenever I'm having a bad day....

Glad you made it there & back, and got to enjoy the show.
It was so tiring for me, that I have decided that if I attend War and Peace next year The only driving I will be doing is (After transporting the campers and jeeps ON low loaders will be from, ... The War and Peace Car Park! to the site position! And Back.
We will be concentrating massively on building up our club (Local location)
show as that just might be my future "War and Peace" event..
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