What paintdo I buy for my M38a1 and M37


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Hello. I have a 51 M37 and a 52 M38A1. It is getting time to but paint and I would like to buy all of the paint at one time. Could someone please recommend the color I ned to use. I am looking at Gillespie paints at the site below and can't decide between 2 colors.


AJP WWII SEMI-GLOSS, Late 1944 thru 1957
A true O.D., AJP had this color matched from
early NOS parts. Most representative of what a jeep
was painted.This is our most popular color.
Late 44' thru 45' MB's
M38, M38A1, M170, M-37
Plus all Korean equipment


24052 SEMI-GLOSS, Korea to Vietnam
Forest Green, Marine Corps. shade of green
M38, M38A1, M151
Plus all M-series U.S.M.C. equipment

I read on one M37 site that it took 3 gallons to paint his truck. Does anyone know how much it would take to paint a jeep? Could I cover both projects with 4 gallons of paint?

Please offer any advise! Thanks -Terry Bender


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Paint color on my M37 is much closer to 24087, not sure if its Gillespie as it was that color when I bought it. I've seen this color on deuces, M37s, M151s, and M38a1s. 24087 is correct for Vietnam era. 24052 is a Marine Corps color from what I understand, if you are representing a USMC vehicle. The WWII color would be correct for late war thru Korean era, and a '52 vehicle would probably have been delivered in this color, then likely repainted in 24087 for service during Nam era. At least thats what I found on one of my M37's. Try looking to the left in photo gallery or motor pool and see what other folks have done, might give you some ideas. Good luck with it!


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The second paint you list is USMC color, the first paint you list is supposed to be for Army equipment.

How much paint is required varies - a lot - I put three gallons on a M170 (M38A1 variant), and a couple of cases of paint on a deuce that was totally dismantled. On the other hand, a M37 that just needed "freshened up" only took a gallon.

David Doyle
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