What trailer is this?


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Looks like an M103/105 series trailer. with flatbed I usually saw them used for generators, but could also be cargo.

Whether it's worth 500 depends on you. It's an air brake trailer (I can't see if this one has them, I'm not really up to speed on this series so don't know if the early ones had them or not like the M101/M116 series), so either have to tow it with an air brake vehicle or swap the axle to one with electric brakes.

They are usually pretty solid, but they are heavy. Very heavy for their size/capacity compared to civi trailers.

Unless you really need to hold a lot of weight on a short wheelbase and have it high off the ground (or want to lower the trailer) then they end up being the type of trailer you park and store stuff in/on until you really need it.


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If you are going to use it on road I hope the data plate with the VIN is still attached to the drawbar. Road used will also probably involve attention to the tires, brakes, and lights. If the seller wants to include the "arch" in the pic it is probably worth $500.00. I have seen descent M105s go up at auction recently for $500.00 but they typically have sides and sideboards and tarps. It is hard to tell in the pics if the tail lights are present. Newer M105s have a relay valve and 2 airlines to the towing vehicle, older ones only a service line.


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Its a M103 very similar to the one I bought a few months ago for $200. They are very heavy at 1500-2000 pounds, but are indestructible. Great for a yard of dirt/gravel, but a pallet of concrete block doesn't slide very well due to some bolt heads in the way.

That seems to have a bit more rust than mine. That sheet metal in the front sits in a channel and rusts like crazy. I was able to pull the whole panel out and cut the rust off the bottom. Add some paint and reinstall.

I would pull it around a bit and check the temp of the wheel bearings.

That overhead beam for a hoist is either going to be really handy to have OR always in the way. But cool either way!

The "trailer jack" in the front probably sucks and you will want to mount a normal one. The lights and wiring may have to be changed. My next goal is to axle swap it so it has standard wheels/tires, electric brakes, and sits about 8" lower.

Good luck!
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