What would gen set owners recommend.....

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I find myself in need of a generator, 5.5 to about 8kw or so. This unit will run my shop, and be used for back-up power for the house in case of a major storm.
Now, I can use a 208 3 phase unit, or a 120-240 single phase unit. I would like to know what the owners of the various military gen sets would recommend, and what the going rate for one is.
A couple of years ago I saw a military 10KW 208 3ph. unit with a 4 cyl. White diesel sell for $750 on E-Pay. I think a lot of people are not familiar with 3 phase setups, and are afraid of them.
I can use gas or diesel, basically whatever is the best/cheapest/most readily available.


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MEP-018A is a good set. Its gas but the engine is almost aircraft. They are available and not all that expensive and they are 3 phase. Problem is they're a bit thirsty and loud. Manual says 2.25 GPh for continuous operation. Kits are available to convert them to LP or natural. I would think one could likely find one nearly running for under $500. Biggest problem is the regulator and if its the open frame one, it can be fixed, cheaply. I always prefer diesel but hey, the gassers work.


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The problem with Mil gen sets is not the unit cost but finding and buying parts... I have 2 MEP-003's that will proably end up in the dumpster over IP's and other odds and ends because I ether can not find the parts or they are an arm and a leg... Had I not wasted my money on these things I could have bought a 14KV head and would have a running gen set. I have a 10KW gasser that is practically new but diesel is my fetish.

3Ph is the way to go even if you don't need it because its a 12 wire head and can be rewired to suit whatever your voltage and phase needs are... Where you are limited with a 4 wire to 110/220 single.

I would go with a civilian unit and buy diesel if you can swing it.
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