Where to buy?


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New Holland, PA
Good luck. The few I have seen on the government auction sites have gone for more than that after fees lately. Eastern Surplus had one for $15K recently, but was listed on their website as sold. You may find one on the typical internet marketplaces, but I expect if it is under $15K, you are purchasing someone else’s mechanical nightmare.


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northern nh
I agree the auctions are over so you are looking at private sales.C&C Equipment stil gets them on occasion but they ask 23K plus shipping. The problem you get with any SEE purchase is its complex vehicle that a typical mechanic would not be trained to inspect. The Operations manual which is readily available as a download has an extensive operations and maintenance check out that would be worth bring with you to inspect anyone you are looking for. Just realize that you may end up walking away from a couple of them before you find one in unmolested condition. For 15K you are probably going to be doing repairs. If the motor runs and the transmission is working then its just a lot of troubleshooting to chase down the gremlins.
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