who put the advertising in the threads


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While I understrand the need to support SteelSoldiers this idea has problems

While, the need to pay for hosting maintaining Steel Soldiers is a priority, I'm afraid the adding of ads to the leading post in all threads will have unintended consequences. Examine the first ad that I encountered as a result of this new effort. Tell me who is the advertiser being shown and the advertiser being spoken about in the thread?

SteelSoldiers Ad.png

Food for though, what can we do that is better?

Of course our thanks for all the hard work of our administrators for keeping probably one of the best military vehicle forums up and running.

Cheers Phil


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I'm all ears for means to increase revenue for the sites hosting and all the fees associated with the new look and software that is currently in the works.

But I agree that could be a little confusing. Maybe I could try adding a diving bar or see if I can make the ad show up in the second post. I will see what I can come up with.
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