Windshield Glass and Weather Stripping Questions

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Denton, Texas
How do I get the glass out of the M135 windshield frames?

Pt. 2: How about using two M35 gaskets joined appropriately for replacement windshield gaskets.

My idea is to use approximately two glued together for length. Anyone done this before?

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First remove the hinged windshield from the cab. Then remove the top rail by carefully tapping it off or prying with a screwdriver. At the corners are some srews that go through the frame and inside are little corner - el shaped braces. On mine the tiny screws were rusted and would not come out, so I center punced and drilled them out. The three sided frame is now able to be spread open slightly and you can carefully work the old glass out. I sanded, primed and painted the frames and hinges and slid hinges off . to sand inside the contour. I took the disassembled frames to a glass man and he installed the glass with rubber liners and caulking. After getting them back I coated the hinge liberally with grease and re-installed on the cab. I placed a box on the hood to hold them in place while I put the screws back in. Some of the screws broke off when removing, so take some self tappers and drill them in next to the originals. Put some penetrating oil on the wing srews to adjust the tension and try it. If window flops down, tighten them up. I just reinstalled mine yesterday and they work great. Glass on both cost 130.00.
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