Wiring a 3 kw set to house


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thank you.. for that...I wanted one that dont rev its nuts off!! and 1500/1800 would have been good..the one for sale IS 10 kva BUT 3000 rpms! I only realy desired it because it has 28 volt BIG AMP take off (with jumper cable = 2 pin) for jump starting/charging M series trucks. it says 60 cps on tag ..and it has a (overkill?) 4 cylinder oposed engine.


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rmgill said:
JasonS said:
mangus580 said:
240 single phase setting on the 3 & 5kw gensets is NOT like the single phase in your house!!!!

You need to set it in the 3phase setting and only use 2 of the 3 phases....
I don't think that this will get you what you want either. The two legs of three phase will not be in phase. This will affect your 240V appliances. Your 120-n-120 is in phase.
Right, they'll be 120 degrees out of phase. Their sum being 208 volts. Most 240 volt appliances work just fine with this. Some VERY home purpose items might have issues. Computers are just fine with it. I have a data center FULL of 208 consuming systems that are just like anything else. As long as it's able to take 240 volt with an autoswitching power supply it doesn't have a problem.
Keep in mind that being out of phase, their sum will not be the sum of the individual phases.


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If it is the same engine, you can try raising the speed. If it is a (2-pole alternator) 3000RPM one for 50Hz, it will have to be 3600RPM for 60Hz. The low speed (4-pole) ones will be 1500RPM-50Hz and 1800RPM-60Hz.

Here's a sneeky pete trick: You need an electric clock, the motor type. Plug it into the genset and time the second hand. If it takes 60 seconds, you are at 60 CPS The motor is a syncronous thing and uses the 60 cycle sine wave to get it's time.
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