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Akenback acres near Gadsden, AL
Those M-1's look like they were in Korea.
I was in 2nd Tank, 2nd ID in 1994. Right up on the DMZ at Camp Casey.
We had one that flipped over into a rice paddy and was tracks up. :oops:
The crew was safe due to "roll over drills" that taught them how to survive such an event. :D
Since the tank had rolled down a steep embankment the engineers had to build a road thru the rice paddy so the 88's could get out to roll it back over.
It took the better part of a day to recover it. The crew spent the rest of the FTX pulling sh*t details because they didn't have a tank to play with. :cry:
We were very short of wheeled vehicle drivers and the "treadheads" dreaded being detailed to work in the Support Platoon (that I was Platoon Sgt. of).
Most of them couldn't drive a hard bargain much less a HEMTT. :driver:
I cringed everytime I had to let one of them out on the road.
It boggled my mind that they could drive a 62 ton tank but couldn't get a truck out of the motor pool gate without sideswiping the gatepost. :roll:


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Dexter, MI
We might have been in Korea at the same time. I left in Oct 93. I was at Camp Stanley as I was in Artillery. Of course, I was also 2nd ID.

red devils dude

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Ft Campbell
no pics but a guy I work withs dad was in the armor for 20 years told that once in germany
they had 8!! tanks stuck in a mud hole in this order M1-M1-M88-M88-M60-M60-M1-M88
and then they had to wait four days for it to dry out enough to get them free.
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