Wrecker bed modification

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M936 named FLUFFY. Please make any modifications your heart desires. I removed the spare tire to make room for a cab extension. I wanted more room for air ride seats. I would of made it a 4 door, but I wanted room for tool boxes.
Oh wow! I love the seats!! Air Ride is a MAJOR upgrade from the bench seat for Soldier 2 and the spring seat for the driver... Need more pictures too. It looks like some major adjustments have happened behind the cab. Like the name too... Fluffy. Ha!

Csm Davis

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Ground spades slid in from the rear, down the sides of the frame rails ........ a la WWII M1A1 Ward La France heavy wrecker.

Body ends capped off for bed containment ...... a la '70's Australian M816 med wreckers.

Anyone who has studied, nay, just 'noticed' features of military wreckers over the years will have seen most modifications used at one time or another. Jeff, you will be able to verify whether "Hotel 8's" in the US army/USMC had/have enough free reign to mod as they saw fit. REME and RAEME 'wrecky mechs' pretty much do what they need to assist with improving their trucks so long as the mods don't take the truck out of operational service for too long.

NB. This is not a "do your homework" dig, just a pointer to historical info that can be expanded if your truck can be improved for you, without reinventing the wheel when you have an idea - it may have been done before and bugs worked out for you!
Almost every wrecker i have seen has been modified in some way or other. Very few were left bone stock
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