Youtube Video Series - How to bob a M931A2 (or not!)


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I'm not sure if Marcus is on this forum or not, but below are links to a series of Youtube videos on bobbing a M931A2. I am not affiliated with anybody shown in the videos. I simply found these videos on Youtube and thought it would be entertaining and possibly educational for a select few.

Notes / Warning / Comments:
1. To weld you need a half million dollar truck, gases of some sort, and the wire, and the clamp, oh and sunglasses.
2. Old bald guy with a hammer/chisel are much more effective than little blonde guy with hammer/chisel.
3. Youngins these days need to wrap stuff in Scott blue shop towels before they pick it up.
4. If the leaf springs interfere with the brake canisters just cut out 5 leafs. It'll be alright.
5. When in doubt on how to proceed visit C&C Equipment's website and watch a video.
6. Don't EVER operate a forklift or make critical lifts like these guys. Chains can slip!
7. Videographer admits he doesn't know anything, and proves it every minute or so.
8. Any way we look at it we have to take something the (bleep!) apart.
9. If a BMF hammer won't fix it then you have an electrical problem.
10. Even on a 5 ton bob job there are rivets that get in your way.
11. Old Toyota forklifts are great for doing reverse wheelies.
12. No earplugs were harmed in the making of these videos.
13. Don't spray brake cleaner onto a battery charger.
14. If you ever get stuck always consult the iPAD.
15. Never eat out of a roach coach.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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