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    The Chrysler 265 & The M37

    The CDN trucks also have a hood that is slightly different so the safety catch latches properly. The rod bolts for the 265 has a very unique flattened head because of the small rotational clearance and are very scarce. I have a 265 that has been balanced with split exhaust and an Edmonds...
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    How to get rid of play in steering

    There is a worm gear on the end of the steering shaft which turns a quadrant gear. The quadrant gear is part of the shaft that pitman arm bolts on to. I have rebuilt boxes that have either worn worms or gears or both. If that is the case then when you try to adjust the box with the adjusting...
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    M37 Hesitation

    You are correct the piston works against a spring. When you hit the throttle there is a sudden drop in vacuum and the spring pushes the piston in the opposite direction and pumps fuel into the carburetor. Figure 03-1 in the M-37 ORD 9 is a good exploded view of the carb.
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    Engaging Front Axle

    Have the truck on a slight incline, be in neutral then engage the 4-wheel drive. Truck should roll down incline. If it doesn't it means there is some problem.
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    M37 Hesitation

    Stock M-37 carb has a vacuum operated accelerator pump not a mechanical one so you won't see gas flowing into the carb by hit the gas petal. Seen this many times usually the problem is the accelerator pump piston leather seal or the cylinder it rides in is oversize or worn. Unfortunately you...
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    45th East Coast Rally

    The 45th annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally will be held at the Ripken Stadium in May. This Rally is the oldest in the country. Maryland, May 10 – 12, 2018: 45th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally and Huge Militaria Flea Market at Aberdeen’s Ripken Stadium, Exit 85 on I-95. Free...
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    OD Canvas Covers

    Any suggestions or feedback on where to OD canvas covers made. Beechwood seems expensive. I believe New Life has changed ownership?? Any other sources out there?
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    Trail ride and Convoy Fredrick Maryland

    The route has been finalized. We're going to use a route that was done 3 or 4 years ago from Clive's house up through Emmitsburg, maybe stop at the Antique Mall there for 30 minutes, take the back roads to get past Ft Ritchie, then up to Pen Mar Park for lunch and the meeting. We'll get to...
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    Trail ride and Convoy Fredrick Maryland

    WAC B & G MVT is sponsoring a convoy and trail ride around Fredrick Maryland on Saturday 23 July. If any one is interested PM me and I will give you the details.
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    Trailer Mounted Fuel Tank

    5 Gal cans How are the cans hooked together. 1 can would only give a few hours then you would have to change the connection to the next can?
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    Trailer Mounted Fuel Tank

    Trailer Tank Info Buddy pointed me in the right direction. Info is in TM 5-6615-365-15 Chapter 19 PU 3758/G.
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    Trailer Mounted Fuel Tank

    I am mounting my MEP-003 on an M-101-A2 trailer and would like to add an extra fuel tank. I believe the Military did have some trailers with a fuel tank mounted on them. The same fuel tank as the M-37's used. Any body have some pictures of where it was located and how this was done?
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    Leaf Spring Bushing R&R

    The front springs also have a bushing in the frame. It's a good idea to change those also if you have the springs off. The spring eye bushings come out rather easy compared to the ones in the frame.
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    I went and looked an an M152 yesterday.

    The CDN 152 has a 251 engine and an Acme tranmission which are different from the US M-37 trucks. Also these were used mostly as radio trucks in Canada most of the special parts are very hard to find. For example the windows had screens on the outside, to prevent radio signal interference I...
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