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    My Crew Cab 4x4 Deuce Build

    Go for the soft top Josh! The stitching in mine ripped the other day coming back from Kiefers; I'm going to stop down at Neilly and see what they recommend to stitch it back together. They have the capability to make a custom soft top, you would have to...
  2. Chevyman_15237

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Thank you much for the quick response!
  3. Chevyman_15237

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    np2ij- What type of Sherwin Williams paint did you use? I was going to color match Krylon camo olive drab...
  4. Chevyman_15237

    Question regarding Deuce tires

    Hit the yellow pages for a goodyear commercial sales location... we run g177's on a Mack mixer, and my buddy runs them on his Mack dump trucks... they do well off road and on jobsites. You can also get the Remington brand in a 177 tread pattern a little cheaper
  5. Chevyman_15237

    10 Ton M125 Repaint

    Just came across this thread and read all 32 pages. I am envious of your skill and determination to do a project such as this; especially with dedication to your brother who has passed. I hope all works out so that you are some day able to purchase another truck and get back to the "OD FEVER"...
  6. Chevyman_15237

    Front Axle Boots

    This might be far fetched... could there possibly be something in the grease that deteriorates these boots? My front knuckles still have the military gaa in them; when I grease the truck I have been using Castrol Pyroplex Blue. Just throwing it out there...
  7. Chevyman_15237

    Front Axle Boots

    RRRR- I also replaced a zipper boot last year, I had bought it from Erik's. It is trashed already, I might have put 100 miles on the truck if that. I am going to call tomorrow and see what he will do; sounds like a bad batch if you ask me. I found the Meritor part number, A3280V2024, I am going...
  8. Chevyman_15237

    fuel return line noise

    Stopped down at a heavy diesel shop on Friday, the fellas that work there are pretty good. Said it's probably in the IP... but as long as there is no loss in power/hard to start/irradic idle to keep running it!
  9. Chevyman_15237

    A little more affordable thermostat / engine swap

    Napa thermostats are made by stant... I put a napa t-stat in mine about a year ago and was having heating/cooling issues. My buddy at napa said that stant had a recall on t-stats, mine was one made out of that production. Returned the old one for a new one; no issues since!
  10. Chevyman_15237

    Troubleshooting Horn

    I beat my head against the wall trying to figure out my horn issue...used a dvom quite a bit, long story short, ordered a bunch of new parts and that didnt fix it. A wire in the loom on the front crossmember underneath the radiator was rubbed through the insulation and corroded heavily. Cut the...
  11. Chevyman_15237

    fuel return line noise

    Treeguy- I'm also in the same boat as you. Just picked this thread up... my number #5 injection line is really tapping. Almost sounds like something metal on metal. That's the only one that does it, might try and take the truck to a diesel shop and see what they say. I don't want an injector to...
  12. Chevyman_15237

    Axle seal CR# A1205A651

    Are those genuine arvin-merritor seals??
  13. Chevyman_15237

    Deuce Multi compressor belt adjustment?

    I found a template for a wrench on this site somewhere, I cant find the link now. I cut one out of 1/8" steel using a plasma cutter, welded some more material on for a thicker handle... works like a champ. If I find the template I'll post it here
  14. Chevyman_15237

    Deuce spotted; Pittsburgh, PA

    I saw a deuce yesterday morning (8:10) going north on Rt 51 at intersection of Bausman Street. Very clean truck, yellow nose. Who's is it????
  15. Chevyman_15237

    Engine Parts supplier and Oil Cooler Part Numbers

    As my oil cooler started to leak coolant, I was in need to find the correct gaskets and packing o-rings. After consuting with a local heavy diesel shop that knows their stuff, they cross-referenced our LDT-465 engine to a Hercules D4800T (T for turbo). At $2.90 for each gasket (oil cooler to...
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