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    PTO PART #

    Also does the shaft go toward the front or back and can it be switched. I have a m715 with a cummins getrag 205 combo and have an lu4 winch I would like to install on it so any info is great. Muncie gave me a part # that is the same except the last letter is H.
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    PTO PART #

    Thank you for the info.
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    PTO PART #

    I am looking for the part # on the pto that bolts to the NP205 t-case on a M1031 truck. I think it is a Muncie TG series but I need the complete # to see if it will work on my application. thanks.
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    save M715 original or making it practical ?

    I have a 6bt , 5 speed and 410 gears and get 16 mpg on the highway.
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    M725 radiator

    A jeep cj to chevy v8 conversion radiator is about as close as you will get to original. If I remember right the bolt holes in the mtg. flange are in the wrong place.
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    Custom bolt in Aluminum radiator and intercooler for M715

    It looks like a cummins 6b is going to be a little too long for that setup ? Looks good.
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    Custom bolt in Aluminum radiator and intercooler for M715

    Are you doing a 4 or 6 cyl. and if its a 6 I would like to see a pic of it.
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    My M715

    I have saw a few M715's painted black and they sure look good. I haven't saw a 715 hardtop that I liked but I stand corrected now, beautiful top and truck. Nice job!
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    715 engine swap

    I am still trying to figure out why a diesel is so much harder than a gas. I think my 6bt was probably easier than a carbed engine.
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    M715 Cummins First test drive!

    Enjoy that thing with the top off as long as you can because when the top goes back on so does the noise level and by the way that thing sure is turning out nice but I bet you will be looking for a 4l80 in the future. Nice job.
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    M715 muddy video

    My next video.... sweet truck you have there but you need to pull a trailer through the hole next time. lol
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    M715 muddy video

    It has a 6bt and a 5 speed along with a 60 and a 14 bolt with a detroit and that steam turned out to almost be a bad deal. My open air filter got a little wet so now it has a guard around it.
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    M715 muddy video

    mudding - YouTube
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    Muddy pics

    By the way my truck has no drums...
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    Muddy pics

    I guess it all depends on what you want to do with your truck. If I want to go and have fun thats exactly what I am gonna do. If it costs me some extra money down the road, so be it.
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