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    Waste Oil filter study this website and links. BTW they are back ordered about a month. Im waiting for mine.
  2. davidb56

    I too followed jeep sinker on the cummins 12v swap in my deuce.

    as far as the in tank pump. I drove mine for roughly 6 months without working. My IP pump sucked it right through the dead pump. I got a aftermarket exterior inline pump on the tank pulling fuel right through the old dead in tank pump.
  3. davidb56

    Power Steering Possibility?

    is this a stupid question, or nobody knows? If It cannot be steered without pump running, as in the ram adding resistance, then I cant do this mod where I live.
  4. davidb56

    Power Steering Possibility?

    If you turn the steering wheel with the engine off, does it feel the same as before adding the hydraulics? Or do you feel extra resistance from the unpowered steering ram?
  5. davidb56

    Why is a Deuce and 1/2 called this ?

    I want one......
  6. davidb56

    Flip a switch to use gas?

    so would you have one forward speed and five reverse speeds?
  7. davidb56

    cummins 12 valve project

    wh yea, the battery may catch on fire.
  8. davidb56

    M35A2 Heater Options

    this. and good wool clothing.
  9. davidb56

    Thoughts on Boyce built trucks.

    they have done me good on parts. remember, its still a "used" truck, with a old engine.
  10. davidb56

    Solid copper headgaskets for Multifuel

    almost all copper head gaskets Ive seem are a "sandwich" type. 2 sides of thin copper with a "paper"type core.
  11. davidb56


    some systems used a accumilator for emergency braking.
  12. davidb56

    M35A2 project

    that was done properly. its much harder to fix a bad repair, than to do it right the first time. cut and grind the bad part out, clamp and tack the new steel in, then weld or braze it.
  13. davidb56

    Power Steering Possibility?

    I got power assist with me all the time. hahahaha
  14. davidb56

    Tranny inspect

    that looks almost like a piece of casting. check around for a broken piece and dont forget to inspect the cover too. It would be nice to know where it came from.
  15. davidb56

    24v inline fuel pump

    Maybe a engineer or smart person can convert 74 @ MM3/stroke. I know my deuce doesn't burn 35 GPH, but how much returns back to the tank is a mystery. I have a external pump rated at 35GPH and it works fine.
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