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    260 amp alternator

    Yes shows 12 neg side and I tested it and its shows 12 volts
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    260 amp alternator

    I need to see the 2 batt hook up with the 100amp the 12volts hooks to the 12 volt neg side
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    260 amp alternator

    I found this alternator wondering if this will fit my 1078
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    260 amp alternator

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    260 amp alternator

    So if I hook up the batteries for 24 volt where does the 12 volt wire hook in for the 12 volts, right now my aternator is at a shop getting checked
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    260 amp alternator

    I instaled 4 series 31s lot easier on the bank roll
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    M1078 alternator replacements

    Goodmorning I have a M1078 alternator is not working I have seen alternators that are dual voltage for a 920 915 will the work on the 1078 with modification
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    Trickle charger / maintainer

    I am getting a 24 volt charger off of ebay like 30 bucks formy 1078
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