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    M817 Dump with no brakes

    I purchased an M817 a few years ago and I am finally getting around to fixing it. It had no brakes when I picked it up from GL. It runs good and makes air pressure, but the brake pedal goes to the floor. I have added fluid to it, but I still get no pressure on the pedal. Is there...
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    clutch problems after attempted tow in 5 ton wrecker

    Thanks for the help. Yes, I forgot the rear clutch handle. I would like to claim rookie mistake, but I have had that truck for 6 years. Thank You, Jim
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    clutch problems after attempted tow in 5 ton wrecker

    Yes, I did use the declutch lever. If that is it I will feel like I won the lottery. I will post tomorrow what I found. Once, again thank you for your time and help. Jim
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    clutch problems after attempted tow in 5 ton wrecker

    I would appreciate any help with a possible diagnosis on my m62a2. I tried to help pull out a stuck 10 wheel dump truck today. I had to be towed away from the still stuck dump truck with a clutch that does not return to its prior position. The clutch pedal now sits one to two inches from...
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    Bob 5 ton with 2.5 hardware?

    Does anyone know the weight difference between the cummins and the ldt. My truck doesnt have the winch so would the weight of a cummins be about equal to the ldt and a front winch? Thanks Jim
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    Bob 5 ton with 2.5 hardware?

    It does not have a LDS. It has the cummins in it. I think from all the great information I received that I will be going with the lighter springs on the rear only. Jim
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    Bob 5 ton with 2.5 hardware?

    I was thinking of useing 2.5 springs on the rear. I never thought of changing the fronts. Jim
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    Bob 5 ton with 2.5 hardware?

    I have a 5 ton flatbed I want to bob. I was wondering if it was possible to bob it with 2.5 ton parts. I was thinking if they fit, it would provide a slightly softer ride. I dont need to be able to haul heavy loads, so I wouldn't mind a loss in carrying capacity. Thanks for any help...
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    The new guy from Central Calif.

    I have a wrecker, dump truck, and a flat bed. Jim
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    The new guy from Central Calif.

    I live in merced, I have three five tons. You are welcome to come look them over and talk trucks. Jim
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    Looking for a Diesel Motorcycle M1030 for my collection

    I think I remember GL selling a few about a year ago. Jim
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    multifuel head gaskets

    I got to do them twice in 2009. The first time I used the old surplus gasket. The second time I used the high dollar version. Jim
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    Pawnshop paints a CUCV...

    I have painted two five tons with an airless house sprayer. I am pleased with the results. It certainly goes alot faster than the gun I use to paint cars. Jim
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    MEP-003 automatic shut down?

    Does the MEP-003 have an automatic shut down system? I was out of power this last weekend and it was working great. It ran for a little over 12 hours and then shut down. I used my old small generator for a little bit and then the power went on. I havent even had a chance to look it over...
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    What is the best engine they put in a Deuce?

    If it was me, I would pay off the loans first. Jim
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