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    need m274 fuel pump Cant find a pump for less than $165 need help!

    I am desperately looking for a fuel pump and alternator kit for my mule. Found a pump at one of the mule parts dealer but he wanted $165.00 for it. I refuse to pay that much. I checked all of the local auto parts for the airtex 1202 but none of them can order one. I cant find one on ebay...
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    Can anyone advise what would happen if i changed the transmission in my 211 without changing the engine ? I have two 211's and they both have bad transmissions I have located a rebuilt transmission (i think) and have always heard you had to keep the engine and transmission together as a...
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    M135 in seemingly excellent condition... Good deal?

    Can anyone advise if i can switch out a tranmission on a m211 without changing the whole power pack. i heard the engine and transmission were married together. My transmission slips in high range and i have located a rebuilt transmission. Thanks
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    m211 insturment panel

    I am now the proud owner of my second xm211. This one is complete. I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with my first one. What would you want for a panel.
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    embossed directions on transmission

    Does anyone know why following is embossed on the transmission of my XM211. THE TWO HALFS OF THIS HOUSINGMUST REMAIN TOGETHER AND WITH THE ENGINE
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    I sent the last message from my cell phone and the spell check seems to change things without my knowing it. thanks for the info. Is there a difference between the XM 211 and the M 211 ??
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    Can anyone tell me what a Rebecca downshifter is
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    I called and spoke with someone i guess was Tom. He sounds like my kind of guy and took a few minutes to explain in detail how to remove the wavey spring I am going to start on it this weekend if all goes according to plan. If i can get the transmission working my next challenge will...
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    I will try to find the phone number for alfa heaven but the dash thing really happened. The guy I bought the truck from told me that he bought the truck at a government auction in the late 90's from Penn. He paid 800 for it. He had it towed down the charlotte at a cost of $1100. Then he...
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    I tried it again today it works fine in low but when I put the shifter on the left side (high) you can hear the engine slow down like it is under a load. The vehicle stops like it is in park. Just changed the oil in granny. Its a little overfull will have to drain a little out. Any ideas...
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    Hydramatic Heaven

    I just read your post i have a 1952 gmc that shifts in low but will not shift in high. you can feel the transmission actually slow the motor down in high gear but but it will not move the truck your post read something about a wavey release spring in the reduction gear and it could be...
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    XM211 Recovery trip

    i just got a xm211 do you have a spare insturment panel and tail gate??
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    just picked it up this weekend the guy i bought it from parked it 5 years ago after the government tracked the truck down and removed the insturment panel. They actually cut the speedo cable. He said it drove fine when he parked it. the low side works fine but when you put it on the high...
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    Does anyone know why the transmission will shift on low but not high?
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    m211 insturment panel

    I got the M211 yesterday. We towed it back to the house with my son's m35a2. The tow went very well. The M211 had been sitting ofr 5 years and the parking brake band had rusted it'self to the brake drum. With the help of a friend that already owns a M211 i was able to get it started. The gas...
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