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    M1079 Power to the Box

    I removed the three phase panel and replaced it with an RV breaker panel. I then adapted the 208 plug and large power cord to a 10-2 power cord with a smaller strain relief grip. It works very well and you do not need to deal with the three phase cord.
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    M1083 camper conversion idea......everything powered by diesel?

    Radiant floor, water heater, heated grey tank, heated black tank, and forced air heating for quick heating of the box while floor heats up.
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    M1083 camper conversion idea......everything powered by diesel?

    Went with the 30 plate.The heater produces more than enough volume to meet the size. I figured too much heat is better as I can always add a tempering valve to cool it down.
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    M1083 camper conversion idea......everything powered by diesel?

    Aernan, For the domestic water source use a multi plate heat exchanger. This is what I used in my M1079. I connected it to a radiant floor heating manifold which is heated by a Webasto coolant heater. This method provides an unlimited hot water supply as long as the heater is running. The...
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    Bought LMTV... and Got Hemmet Cab

    I bought two 2009 cabs and received the same. Both are in great shape minus a few dead mice.
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    1998 LMTV passenger co-driver floormat?

    Hi, Do a search for 12417830-007 on the big auction site, There are three listings for the mat. The number on my mat is 19207-12417830-007
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