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    Gama Goats

    Didn't GSA just surplus a bunch of them last year in OK? Scott
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    I have my first MV an M170 with a split large gun window I'm restoring, new at this,

    There was a M170 for sale in Kenosha, Wis. a few years back, it had a Buick engine and a recoilless rifle windshield. I wonder if this is the same Jeep? Scott
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month - December VOTE HERE!

    Vote for the M715 picture number 15, because I need the cash from winning this contest to bid on a HMMWV. 2cents2cents2cents2cents2cents2cents2cents2cents :shock: Scott
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    MV of the Month Nominations December 2014

    My 1967 M715 having some winter fun. Scott
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month May 2014 - Nominate here!

    Here's a winter shot of my nomination of my original 1967 M715. Scott
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    Caiman MTV

    Our local county (Portage County, Wis.) just got one of those as well. Had to pay the shipping to get it here, otherwise it was no cost to acquire. Scott
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    Railroad Forum

    You can't list them on a well-known auction site as they don't allow RR locks and keys to be sold per their policies. As a collector myself, I'd say you have $100-$150 each lock plus probably $50 each key if marked similarly. Last summer I took some bags of cans into the local recycler, and...
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    Looking at my first 715

    Don't type anymore, go to your bank and get the cash. That is a great price for what you have sitting there. Scott
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    where are all the wisconsin trucks at???

    All the trucks are frozen. Call back in a couple months. Scott
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    DUKW Pile

    It started in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. in '46. All others are imitators.:mrgreen: Scott
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    Check this GamaGoat travesty

    Here is the pic. Scott
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    725 door latches anyone?

    Yes, try to get inside the inner door panel and spray WD40 or lube of your choice in there. There isn't much stopping the rain water going down the window in to the regulator or handle mechanisms. Check as well. Here is a pic of mine. Scott
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    GSA auctions

    As with any auction, you should preview it. I have purchased thru GSA before, and was satisfied with what I got. My lot said the engine had a hole in it, but it was the exhaust manifold that was cracked, not the engine. Remember this about the descriptions: Any Joe shmo fills them out...
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    First MV recovery M923A2 out of sparta

    You should show the rental company the pic of their car in the back of your truck. LOL:beer: Scott
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    M715 (not telephone truck) Maintenance Truck

    I'll link it to M715 Zone. I don't believe non SS members can see pics on this forum, but it's quick and free to join! Scott
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