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    M211 Transfercase Swap

    When I called Tulsa some months ago I found an employee who remembered building this truck. He said the case normally needed to actuate that sprag for reverse but that there was a modification done. Apparently they knew of a mod you could do that worked around the need for actuating that in side...
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    M211 Transfercase Swap

    Lee, any idea of the ratios after this? Also what does shrink fit a piece in its place mean? How much is "considerable" shift linkage? Does this allow the case to disengage the front axle completely rather than AWD? Sorry I always have plenty of questions.
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    The 10 ton mack M125

    Really cool trucks. I just came across this post all I can say is WOW. I may just head up to Jville to take a peek. I did a quick google and popped up. I never realized how powerful off road a truck could be.
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    M211 Transfercase Swap

    The M211 has the reverse rotation axles and case. The C-6500 has the M211 axles as well.
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    Feelers for a good takeout transfercase

    Hi I'm curious if anyone has come across a good takeout transfer case from a CCKW. I'm looking to swap my m211 case for a CCKW case to get a hi-low in the case. I'm in Florida and the closer the better. Thanks.
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    3053a to rebuild or not?

    I recently got my hands on a 3053A for $200. It has some surface rust and in the case everything looks to be good but it was sitting outside for a while. About how much would I be looking at in rebuild costs in bearings, seals ect? I wouldn't want to exceed the price of a good takeout, I'm just...
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    211 parts near Sarasota Florida.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of M211 parts closer to Sarasota Florida than Green Gem Army Surplus, in Live Oak? I don't mind making the drive but if somethings closer that would be even better.
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    M211 Transfercase Swap

    The truck never had the 211 engine or transmission, just the case, axles. Can you please provide a picture of what your talking about in reference to the T-case two speed conversion? Preferably with more detailed instructions? I have the manuals but am still learning about mechanics, I need it...
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    M211 Transfercase Swap

    Hey, just curious is there any transfer case that will swap into an existing M211 transfer cases place that would be 1:1 and have a low? I've seen and was curious if anything would work with the same mount and drive flange.
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    M135 and M211 Parts in Northern California

    Green, Does he have any parts located in Florida yet? I need parts for an M211 diff. THanks.
  11. Foreverunstopable

    M211 GMC 2.5ton axle help

    Looked in the TM section and did not see it. There were the 9-8024's but it did not cover diff removal ect. Does anyone have TM 1819AC in PDF or can someone copy the section on axle rebuilds and mail it to me?
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    M211 drive flange specifications

    Good technical drawing of the drive flanges. Thanks again Marti!
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    Sarge crashes his M1030

    Good to hear your ok. I first joined OTB in January and hope I'll only have to pay the dues once. Yeah anything going wrong on a bike happens so fast you don't have time to think about it until a week later when you remember it. I had just enough time to take a picture in the ambulance before I...
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    M35 vs M135 axles for 4x4 project

    Could it be that the GMC are stronger due to the spline count, 27 as opposed to 10? I've recently found off the shelf lockout hubs, Detroit no-spins lockers and disc brakes for these. There is a write-up on making the CCKW, M211 transfer-case a 3-speed Low-Direct-OD unit as well so if his truck...
  15. Foreverunstopable

    M211 drive flange specifications

    The truck has the M211 axles. I think there were two types of spline count, 10 and 27 but I'm not sure. I have found a source for classic lockout hubs and he swears he has 10 sets of hub on the shelf for the M211 and CCKW. If I had exact specifications I can go back and make sure they are the...
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