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    Another Nice Build

    Take the spares off the back of the truck and try it again. That weight at that lever/moment is maybe too high so far behind the axle.
  2. frank8003

    FL Gas Mask USN ND MARK V

    $55 BUCKS and $16 for the Priority mail. USN Gas mask ND MARK V Stock number H4240-268-9732 Unused condition with filters. The bag itself goes for 20 and shipping now. Pay at PayPal as a gift to It is dated on filters as March 1963 and mask itself is dated 1962, 59 years...
  3. frank8003

    Unknown rattling near torque converter

    could be nose of the starter
  4. frank8003

    bunch of brake line questions

    no brake line was ever meant to be animaled to stop a leak. It is correct or it ain't.
  5. frank8003

    bunch of brake line questions

    Do Not put unions in the brake lines unless they are double flare like originals...
  6. frank8003

    bunch of brake line questions

    Brake lines must be double flare and see post 20 in here " NAPA- in his book these are NOT listed as brake lines,, listed as heavy duty wire clad steel tubing"
  7. frank8003

    Free small coffee and free regular donut!
  8. frank8003

    Building a 1/35th scale deuce -1/2 question

    Humbrol Super Enamel Olive Drab (155) ?
  9. frank8003

    WC 57 General Patton
  10. frank8003

    Free small coffee and free regular donut!

    Thank You but 862 miles for me
  11. frank8003

    M35A series brake shoes

    Yeah, I spent about twenty hours getting that part right Figure 89 in the TM |Drove me nuts send to me an email and I will send the as done in .MOV files so one may see it all working really good.
  12. frank8003

    M35A series brake shoes

    A few more things about Deuce brakes to help The things that are supposed to be able to rotate can be frozen up. Some of my notes and I never had soldier B so devised way to get circlips off without damage. The shoes should adjust easily and maintain alignment but not allowed to post .MOV files...
  13. frank8003

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    One should always use fasteners as originally installed when the whatever was built the first time. It is important.
  14. frank8003

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Look at how That step tool is ground when new. make a grinder to suit. It is worth the wheel for the grinder to re-sharpen them. Me Thinks If I was not so freakin old I would have another new business..............
  15. frank8003

    MEP-803A overheat - newer issue

    If a coolant hose had a no squashing spring in it when new then it MUST be in there forever.
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