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    M35A2 spin-on oil filter conversion kit, who sells it?

    There exist many ways to ship to England FedEx and UPS come to mind, and others. Members of Steel Soldiers would want you to have the no-nonsense real parts.
  2. frank8003

    M35A2 spin-on oil filter conversion kit, who sells it?

    Me thinks Mr. Tennis of invented the thing. Did Not patent it. He has his reasons. I originally bought the spin on lube oil thingies from another and blew way 5 gallons of oil on startup. I sent them back and was told that original machinist had left the manufacture...
  3. frank8003

    Bringing home my MTVR

    Me thinks that would be in the trouble shooting TM
  4. frank8003

    Disconnected hose

    Dawn and a harbor fright pressure sprayer would help a lot
  5. frank8003

    Where would I find a generator cord for a sesolinc genset?

    It would help a search if the nomenclature like 7MDE_S and/or the NSN ws posted. Or JPG of dataplates. Gov planet sold a whole machine for $250 last May.
  6. frank8003

    Deuce Brakes

    One way or another Me thinks they been home long time now.
  7. frank8003


    is it still 6 cylinder gas automatic?
  8. frank8003


    Oh My Oh My. Play out all that wire, inspect+ renew as necessary. Nice tires too. You got a lot of property and things to do with that wonderful rig.
  9. frank8003

    Deuce Brakes

    I knew I seen that before Get the proper fittings and wrenches and kroil That was my How to get home post.
  10. frank8003

    Ship by rail/train? (AZ to FL)

    call simp
  11. frank8003

    Transfer case shifting

    Open the TM PDF in a puter When open then type Ctrl and the F key at the same time You will get a pop up box upper right type in there the nomenclature of what you seek That PDF will then show every instance of what you typed in no matter how big the PDF
  12. frank8003

    Lmtv no power on push to start

    Electronics rule the world now I hate electonics
  13. frank8003

    Fuel inlet retention device (fuel cap)

    There is many many posts on this Special little guy, non-standard, just for You They Disappear, to never be found rustystud made a nice right-up this subject..............
  14. frank8003

    Off to a good start, I think

    Face fartis in fact a CIA invention CIA loves it saved Kabilions of bucks in research............ People post what they doin, what others are doin, where and what time they did that and when out of the house and what shots their baby got.................. burgerlers love facefart.
  15. frank8003

    Finally got to use her

    Golly that is nice job
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