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    Can someone tell me something about my steering..??

    Now that's interesting
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    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    .............and they sent our people off to war with that.
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    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    For the amount of money You guys got into these things just ad a few more bucks and put it back stock. Stock PLUS an electric fan of 746 watts wouldn't hurt, You know like one HP all the time for the downsides. When I was driving the Sunbeam Tiger I knew it needed more cooling and I did research...
  4. frank8003

    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Yeah, same thing on a Pontiac I worked on for me one time. Boy oh Boy if that don't look the same. It was always good drivin around with all my fixes, until I pulled the boat then she over-heated. Engineers designed things to work like they said it would work, If it was as they designed it...
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    Help me diagnose my fuel issue

    Thank You for response. what is the engine exactly, never had one of them I need to study to help
  6. frank8003

    Help me diagnose my fuel issue

    Some parts of fuel systems suck and some push .............. Do Not begin taking a bunch of stuff apart. ... Not the answer probably. "Fuel" Does not "keep" anymore. The low sulfur and ULS stupid diesel fuel now sold is not good for our equipment. It is good for our Grandkids breathing but not...
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    Bulbs Burning/Blowing

    Oh, don't be foolish. Go get the prescribed batteries and install after cleaning every connection all the way back including the grounds. Gottahh work on it to enjoy Her. You do not have a motor pool of experienced people with all the books and expertise and gubermint supply chain money to send...
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    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Going from very small bit of information and never seen one and trying to help it still took about 7 minutes. Do want my notes? I found the rebuild kit entire for 26 bucks in the eBay. Then I stopped all this, golly, I have so much stuff to sell and giveaway. Send me an email so I can send what...
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    M1009 fuel pump

    Yeah, but I like it anyhow. Eight years or 30 years... it passed all so quick I need to be reminded of stuff.
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    Tire & Wheel Knowledge

    "Will any of the following fit safely on a 939 series truck? 16.00R20? 395/85R20 w/wheels? 365/85R20 w/wheels? " Search on/in SS with the search function and in google. At 400 to 500 bucks each me thinks you need to search and search a lot. Think of all the search strings you can and use them...
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    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Everything is in the TM's EVERYTHING Goto TM 9-2320-280-24P-1 figure 34 and the next page gives the ID of part #6 and its NSN and part number If you would like to know how I did that in 3 minutes send a conversation and I will tell you. O-rings are not rocket science but wherever one is used...
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    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Post the TM with the fan in it Is this the 19" ten blade fan? O-ring "packing" is probably 50 cents each but I need numbers of the TM. The o-ring cross section is 0.139" Ross wants 5 bucks each for an o-ring...
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    Headlights flash with turn signals

    My my '69 jeep kaiser M35A2 I had removed left front fender to do work. The wires did in fact have 69 and the other 96 which I reattached wrong when reinstalling. Was like upside down and backwards working, no excuse. Also the right front headlight normal low beam was burnt out and I could never...
  14. frank8003

    members map

    I have no clue what an API is and wouldn't pay for one. Hey Patracy, now I gottah go look up API, I always knew it as the petroleum institute. OK I found it What is database API? (Application Programming Interface) A language and message format used by an application program to communicate...
  15. frank8003

    Headlights flash with turn signals

    inside left front fender is #69 and #96 reversed? Do you have that PDF? But all the lights actually illuminate when it "happens" with the left signal? Were the police working on it?
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