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    7520lbs and 130 hp

    But if we take the load weight off and a locked converter away from your setup,I cant put enough heat thru the turbo to produce boost. Now let’s take your truck and take the load off.I am using arbitrary numbers here, with the load off I only need probably a fifth of the throttle as compared to...
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    7520lbs and 130 hp

    I have a Impco system That has been eating up garage space for years. Maybe I need to pull it out and give it a good look. I’m gonna pull up the specs and dimensions on that DT. I’m not looking to build a race vehicle, and the 6.2 is actually doing as well as you could expect it to, simply just...
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    7520lbs and 130 hp

    As the title says. Scales at the landfill said 7520 LBS. Somethings going to have to give, 130 hp is simply not getting the job done. The Duramax conversion is too darn much money, A turbo is not going to help much way down low. I said that I would never do another Cummins conversion, as they...
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    Wake Island Survivors

    We cannot forget these men. Abandoned in the middle of the Pacific. If you are unfamiliar with this terrible time in history, please take a couple minutes and put yourself in their place all thise years ago. Try to picture the timeline of events that transpired after December 7 for these men. My...
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    Harmonic balancer and waterpump

    I thought ohms law was a secret that all electricians Had to take with them to their death. Lol
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    LB7 swap... anyone done this?

    Well,im out. I figure by the time it’s installed I’m looking at nearly a $5-7k conversion by the time I get drive shafts cut etc. i’ve got an F code 6.5 turbo, thought about ditching the DS4 and converting it over to a DB2. I’ve got to get just a little more grunt into the old girl, and I’m not...
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    Rear wheels hop when in snow

    Be sure that the clamps on the outside ends of the spring packs are intact. They keep the spring packs from spreading open under load. I had a similar situation on a big block one ton. Also be sure that the leaves are a smooth curved arc,not wavy so to speak. When they are no longer a arc,the...
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    LB7 swap... anyone done this?

    I am contemplating a D Max swap right now. I really like 6.2/6.5 engines, but with the lift kit and 37 inch tires and all the gear they just don’t have an ample supply of grunt. I was told the early Duramax vans came equipped with a 4L 80 using a standalone controller. I thought about...
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    6.2 IP rebuilt ...

    I think they might be referring to a seized rotor head,which distributes the presssurized/metered fuel to the injector. If the rebuilder doesnt use correct terminology,you might consider a diff vendor. Those rotor heads are expensive. If you take those pumps apart, they are very simple. If the...
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    Little oil drops...

    Check your CDR valve to be sure that crankcase pressure isnt forcing your small leak.
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    6.2 on its way out?

    The fuel temps on the return side would be my guess. As far as gelling, I have operated vehicles as low as 20 below zero and have never had a fuel issue.
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    No Start Issue Since Dying While Driving

    That blown fuse throws a little bit of confusion in there. I am afraid that I would have to try a solenoid before I changed out that pump. Just because it is clicking, doesn’t mean that you’re getting the right amount of travel. I’ve been driving 6.2s since 1986 and I’ve only had one solenoid...
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    fast idle temp switch

    After seeing those price increases,I am glad I have been hoarding parts.
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    M1009 Braking Issue

  15. Garagefull

    M1009 Braking Issue

    In my experience,make sure the rears are working. Does it have the ride height proportiong valve in the rear?When my lift was installed on me m1031,it changed my ft/rr proportioning which made it woller all over at lights ect. A simple adj fixed both the steering pull and far better brakes.
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